I’m not going to lie and say I don’t love some of these daycare days. I don’t just sit around doing nothing, I think I can now say that my blogging has become a little part-time job for myself!! I’m ok with that though, I love it, I’m finding me again, I’m doing something for me and that’s not such a bad thing. Well this is me trying to convince myself of course 🙂 I just finished writing my guest post for next week. I was asked to write about a struggle I have been through, well I’ve had a few in my lifetime however the one that I have struggled with recently is PPD so stay tuned I’ll keep you posted on that, this is huge for me, I have yet to go so public about it and it’s a scary process.

On a brigther note, I tried a recipe today from one of my Featured Co-Host’s that I will be introducing on 5/11/12. I’m super excited because it came out awesome and it’s taking everything I have to not share it with you now!! AHHH!! I just hope all of my cooking for my Featured Co-Hosts come out as good as this one did!! It’s nerve racking!! What if I screw it up! LOL…..So stay tuned.

I also updated Blogs I Love/My Features, I’ve added all of the blogs for which I’ll be working with from now until the end of the summer!! Yes you heard me, the end of August!! WOW….I’m also going to be working with RWR. Rural Women Rock will be featuring some more recipes for those fantastic gals on a regular basis….Also next week I WILL BE a featured Co-host for “It’s a Keeper Thursday” Whew………..I told you this is a part time job! Plus I really really want to get to working on some Spring/Summer Recipes!! I’m dying to check them out and cook them!

My new goal is to have my whole website updated (with a new look) advertising, new stories, new themes & Challenges by July 31st!! Hold me to it my faithful readers! I’ve taught myself this much what’s a little more right 🙂

Soooo I spent a lot of time in the kitchen on my “secret” recipe from my Co-Host so I really don’t have much to show for today! However I did combine Monday nights dinner with tonights dinner! LOL….I made the Cheesy Chicken Tortillia Cups Monday night and had so much of the inside left that I just made regular Tortilla’s tonight….this momma was being smart!!

Tomorrow night I’m making a combination of two different recipes that I saw this week. Mostly because I can’t choose between the two but also because I’m getting into the experiment phase of cooking, like I’m a child standing up for the first time, I’m venturing out, however that means I have to be willing to accept the “falls” meaning “fails” LOL….if it sucks another words!! Can’t wait to share this one with you. It’s two different recipes that I got from two fellow blogger friends. It’s a combination of a Mustard Crusted Chicken and a Parmesan Crusted Chicken. The Parmesan Crusted Chicken called for slathering mayo on the chicken breast before dipping into bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Anyone who is anyone that knows this momma knows she don’t do mayo….it’s as use less as wind in my and my sisters book! Soooooooo I’m going to make up a little something of my own and call it Mustard Crusted Parmesan Chicken. I’m using Mustard, I’m using Parmesan Cheese, I’m also using some horeradish (spice it up and I’m obsessed lately) and I’m cooking it a different way, so stay tuned I’m excited to see how this turns out!!

Don’t forget Date Night Saturday Night, I’m serving Prosciutto Wrapped Filet for my hunny. I’m going to be making it with Spicy Baked Corn on the Cob, yes read this right!! Have to make Corn for my hunny, another favorite. Side Note, is it me or is he been spoiled lately??? 🙂 For a side I’m making a Mashed Potato Squash, yes you read me right again, this is a weekend of trial and error for this momma, a bunch of stuff that I’ve never made, but nothing makes me happier!! 🙂 I’m going try and make these Pancakes from scratch from a recipe I was talking about earlier this week, a fellow blogger friend made these her for her family and swore by them so I’m giving it a shot! Thanks Julia! Pumpkin Spice Pancakes. I’m making them as a bribe breakfast to MM because I feel bad leaving her for the night so daddy and I can have a date night!! 🙂 Hey whatever makes me feel better….that’s cooking!

Stay tuned I promise the best is yet to come!!