I figured this would be a good thing to talk about because hey, we can all be a little obsessive sometimes! I’ll even go the next step and tell you why……let’s start with food of course.

1.) Horseradish – I tried this in a dipping sauce for a steak one night and I’ve been addicted ever since. I mix it with sour cream now and use it on my sandwiches, I even jused it in the Mustard Crusted Parmesan Chicken I made last night. You will make it….that’s how good it was.

2.) Fresh Chives/Scallions – I bought this for a recipe last week and slowly started putting it into everything! Momma’s Mashed Cauliflower, the secret recipe I made this week for one of my Co-Hosts, nope I can’t tell you, just trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!

3.) Mustard – I love mustard, any mustard, I like honey mustard at times, I like the dijon spicy stuff sometimes….I can never really say when I’ll be in the mood for which one.

4.) Goat Cheese – As I’m tying this I’m watching the Pioneer Woman make a Dill herbed Goat Cheese, that’ll be on the list to make very soon. Sorry hubs. I used this to make Goat Cheese Pancakes a few weeks back if you remember. I’m starting to venture out with different kinds of cheese!

5.) Onions – If you asked my husband he’d tell you I put onions in everything, ok I do, but I like them. I really do put them in EVERYTHING.

6.) Garlic – Since discovering real garlic, and when I say “real” I mean a garlic clove, peel it and chop it. Garlic is sticky have you ever realized that? I’m not sure I’ll ever by the jarred kind again!

7.) Wine – I don’t have you to tell you about this, if you know me, you know I love my wine. Period.

8.) Iced Tea – Preferably DD’s Iced Tea with just lemon (BTW they are having a special buy any size for .99 for the whole month of April) Yes I’ve been their every day for the past week. I finally bought the kind you make at the store because when I was pregnant I drank about 4-5 cups a day!

9.) Eggs – LOVE LOVE LOVE eggs, I sometimes go weeks having 1 egg and 2 egg whites and make Omelets. YUM!

10.) Bacon – I had no clue how much I really loved bacon until I was pregnant. I knew I liked it but I knew it was loaded in fat so always stayed away from it, while 4 mths into my pregnancy when I really wasn’t gaining weight like I thought I would I became ADDICTED to bacon, ask my cousin, I ate a BLT everyday!! (Not with Mayo!!!!!)

So that was fun, tomorrow I’ll talk about 10 things I’m obsessed with out of the kitchen!! Well I know I promised a lot of experimenting this weekend, my husband and I have a date night tonight that we are very excited for. Maddie is going to my moms and she’s going to spend some time with Nana, TT and of course Rylee. Originally my hubby and I were going to just stay home and I was going to make him Pruiscotto wrapped Filet, which by the way I’m still making, just not tonight! This momma deserves a break!! I’ve been working so hard to get my site more publically viewed, signing up for Featured Posts, redesigning the website and of course…………cooking!! So we are headed off to a Sports Bar in town to watch the Bruin’s play…..fun fun (meaning fun for my hubby, fun for me to just be out with people!! LOL) I will be making those Filets thoughI promise! And I will be trying a new dish tomorrow I think, a combination of sweet potatoes and butternut squash! YUM!

Here are some funny pics from last night while I cooked dinner, my husband decided to take out the guitar that he hasn’t used since I bought it for him Christmas 3 years ago! It was pretty funny, Madison was mesmerized…yes that’s how she eats on a regular basis, relaxed and messy!

Then Maddie was a good girl so we gave her a cookie (the ones I burnt earlier this week) it took her about an hour for her to eat it, this was the end result.

Happy Saturday, Momma just has to write up “S” is for Spaghetti Soup and I’m off to enjoy my family for the weekend!!