When you do get a few minutes to yourself (I know it doesn’t happen often once you have little ones) but when you do whether it’s school, hubby takes them to the store, nap time, bed time, whenever it may be, what do you do?? What do you find yourself doing that you usually can’t when they are around?

I’m asking this question because my husband and I got a full 24 hours to ourselves this weekend, thanks to my sister and mom. So here are the little things we get to do…….just because we could.

Drank a cup of HOT coffee.
Pee with the door closed.
Cook with the barrel on the floor.
Put my water on the edge of the nightstand.
Had a drink at a bar.
Had breakfast that actually lasted 30 minutes.
Yelled. Talked loud after 9pm.
Gave our kitties lots of attention.
Slept until 9AM.
Talked….and talked….and talked some more.

It becomes so impossibly hard to imagine life any other way when these little darlings enter our life so whether we are granted with a few minutes a day or 24 hours straight without them we tend to take advantage! Well we do!

We watched a hockey play off game at a bar, yes a real sports bar! We rented a movie to watch in peace but never did because we ended up talking and catching up on a few shows we had taped (Highly recommend Revenge) however we found ourselves pausing it a lot to actually talk!!

Their were often times where one of us would “hear” her crying, then we’d giggle knowing she wasn’t their, I walked by her room a few times and actually missed her. All feelings that any mother should feel because missing your child is a sign of love in my book. Being a SAHM doesn’t allow me much time to “miss” my child and I lacked that a lot of the time. Now that she goes to daycare twice a week, I get that loving, missing, I want to eat you up, hug you until your blue feeling when I get to pick her up!

Sooooooooooo I decided to try out a new recipe this morning and make my hubs some nice pancakes, I’ve never made pancakes from scratch before (bisquick is my friend) but I wanted to give this one a shot because it was recommended by a fellow blogger from “Juggling with Julia.” Though mine did not turn out looking like hers or probably didn’t even taste half as good as hers, I’m still highly impressed with them!! So thank you Julia for the recipe my husband and I got an awesome breakfast alone this morning and I even refridgerated the leftover batter to make for my daugther tomorrow seeing as they were way too good to not share with her!! She loves pancakes! Click Here for the actual recipe. But here is what this momma made of it! Oh and don’t forget to check out dinner from tonight too. I’m calling it Cheesy Chicken a la King. 🙂 Was delish!

I started with getting the ingredients all ready, I work best this way in the kitchen, that way everything is at your reach.

I started with the combining the dry ingredients.

Then the wet ingredients.

Mix the wet ingredients together.

Then of course adding the wet wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

I mixed it well, maybe I didn’t mix it enough but my patter was awful thick, it made cooking the pancakes hard, i didn’t think the middle of them were cooked through but they were!

I did one pancake at a time and put the finished ones in the oven to keep them warm.

I also made hashbrowns, which didn’t work out to well but we still ate them! They kept falling apart so I made one big potato Cake and we both just ate from it LOL….I buy the Simply Potatos in the dairy isle, they are very low in calories and fat!

While the pancakes cooked I made the Honey Cinnamon butter that went with them….OMG  YUMMINESS!! Just take a half a stick of butter, melt it for 20 seconds in the microwave, add in a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 Cup of confectionate sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey, mix it together and drizzle on your pancakes!! I would loved to have refriderated it and made it real butter!

Breakfast was served! OMG the taste was awesome!! I can’t wait to make them for boo tomorrow with the leftover batter! 

So much better than I thought it was going to be when I was cooking them!!

So now I must go……my mini 24 hour vacation is over LOL!! Come visit tomorrow to see what’s cooking up in this momma’s kitchen this week!!