What a crap day out their today! I know we really need rain so I’m trying to take advantage of the lazy time spent indoors, sipping coffee, catching up on soaps, folding laundry and planning our meals for the week however MM has a hard time sitting still these days. She’s still congested which is really starting to make me wonder why, the poor kid has had a cough/runny nose and runny eyes off and on since November! She’ll have a round of antibiotics, it’ll go away for a few weeks then it comes back and she takes antibiotics again and then she’s ok for a few weeks………is that really how it works with little ones? LOL…I know I know I just worry.

Nothing seems to amuze this child these days, no toy, no TV program, no activity….nothing. 😦 I don’t get it. Oh she will go in our bedroom and proceed to pull out all of our cloths in our dresser…..that’ fun. She will play in the pantry and take out all my cans,  make it look like my BBQ sauce is gone when really it’s just in a different place so then I go and buy more. Hmm what else, she loves going out onto the porch however she’s 18 mths old so when it’s 40 and raining out she doesn’t understand why we can’t open the door and go play on the porch. This is NE folks, it’s 85 one day and 40 the next 🙂

So that leads me to 10 things I’ve been obsessed with lately………..out of the kitchen. I warn you, this may get deep LOL!!

1.) Organization- I shouldn’t say this is a “lately” thing, I’ve been like this forever, I have this thing about “all things being in their place” I just do, my husband hates it because if a piece of mail or anything sits out on the counter more than a day, it’s going in the garbage (no this doesn’t make him attend to that piece of mail quicker)

2.) Having a House – We planned on being in a house by the time Maddie was walking, so we are a bit behind on reaching that goal, however I’ve gotten to stay home with her so I can’t really complain. I just really want her to have a yard and room. I also want to be able to cook in my kitchen, do laundry or even pee while she naps because her bedroom is so close to these areas in our condo that EVERYTHING wakes her. I have to pee very quietly LOL!!

3.) My weight – Anyone who knows me know this  has been an issue for me since I hit the big 3-0!! Let’s face it, the older we get the harder it gets, add a pregnancy onto that and well now it’s close to impossible. I don’t photograph well, I look at least 15 lbs heavier in pictures that I really am so I’m starting to realize that their are barley any photo’s of me and my baby girl. I better learn how to crop better huh.

4.) Food Network – The cooking channel, the website, the Chef’s, the cooking shows, you name it, food network is my new obsession! I wonder why I love it so much, probably because I learn something new everyday so it’s like going to school for something you actually like but not having to buy books, notebooks and sit in a boring, smelly, hot classroom.

5.) General Hospital – Yes I admit it. I’ve been watching this soap on and off since I was a kid. I remember rushing off the bus from school and getting in to see the last 40 minutes each day with my mom. She’d be folding cloths, getting dinner ready and smoking her butts. Kind of seems my life now……minus the butts 🙂 When Robin died a few weeks ago I was devestated…LOL she’s been on the show since she was like 6!!

6.) Lifetime – Ok ok, again anyone that knows me knows that I’m a lifetime junky….before my baby girl came into the picture I could waste a whole weekend away with whatever theme they were playing “Mother’s Know Best” I could easily polish off a bottle of wine on a random Saturday night by myself. Now, well because I’ve seen all the movies like a million times I look forward to one a month when they are new (actually from 2012 and not 1982 with Meredith Baxter) I encourage my husband to go out with friends or go to bed early that night so I can curl up and “zone out”!!

7.) Movies – Back when someone I loved passed a way in a tragic motercycle accident, I was 20. I had little that I could do to get my mind off of things, shortly after when my dad got sick and passed, again I had so much on my mind and it took a lot for me to get my mind to stop spinning. Well movies………that did it for me, enter lifetime, enter general hospital.  Watching movies still to this day helps me “zone out.” I get to be in someone elses life for an hour and half. It’s great therapy LOL!!

8.) Motherhood- Who doesn’t want to be the best mother they can possibly be? Who doesn’t want to perfect the job? Who could not be obsessed with motherhood then! We go on day by day hoping we are being the best we can, providing the way we know how to, teaching the lessons we hope will pay off someday. To me that is the definition of motherhood, well that and unconditional love of course.

9.) Back Tracking – My husband laughs at me because I can’t stan back tracking while out and about in town. I will drive longer, drive further if it means I don’t have to back track.

10.) Breast Reduction – Yup I’m publically saying that I’d give anything to be small!!! I guess it’s like my mom says, if a girl has curly hair she wants straight hair, if a girl has straight hair she wants curly hair. I enjoy the girls that get to wear the cute summer tops, the cute bathing suits. Honestly I envy anyone that can jog or workout and not have them “in the way” I’d give anything to have a bra size at the beginning of the alphabet vs. the middle of it! A part of me wants to hurry up and have another baby (or only have one) just so I can hurry up and get the surgery I’ve always wanted!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Soon!! Very Soon!

Don’t forget to check out the letter “T”. “T” is for Turkey Stroganoff!! Yummy!!! Tonight I was supposed to make a pasta dish, which I try not to make often because they are my weakness….Since I didn’t get to use the Prosciutto for the Filet I had planned this weekend I figured I’d make it in another dish! It’s called Prosciutto Pasta Mediterranean. Doesn’t the sound of that just make your mouth water! However I knew my boo hasn’t been feeling well since Friday and she wasn’t getting better so I had a bad feeling (moms should always trust their guts huh!!) Well sure enough after her second nap, which she doesn’t do anymore, she seemed hot, 18 months and her very first fever, not bad huh. Well………..it ended in her very first ear infection too, I know we’ve been so lucky to dodge one! My mom said by the time I was that age I had dozens of ear infections and had been hospitalized twice so I guess we aren’t doing so bad! UGH….so fingers crossed she sleeps through! So we ended up making whole wheat pizza instead, and I had to foodshop incase she can’t go to daycare tomorrow, the last place I want to go with a sick kiddo is the grocery store!

Sooooooooooo…. this week I’m going to be making a Ranch Style Meat Loaf…another experiment as I learn to serve Meat Loaf that my hubs will eat! I’m also going to be making a Pork Tenderloin, as usual, I’d like to finally try Chef Nicole’s Recipe from T-Bones/Cactus Jacks. I posted this recipe last year, since I’m on a huge “Mustard” Kick I figured I’d give it a go, I adjusted it to be a Pork Tenderloin instead of pork chops 🙂 It’s called Chef Nicole’s Mud’Stard Crusted Pork! So stay tuned for those. I’m also making another Co-Host meal this week to get ready for our Featured Friday…….Thursday the 26th I’ll be Co-Hosting with Christina from “It’s a Keeper” so don’t forget to check it out!

I also wanted to say thank you so much to my dedicated readers & chefs I may add because they are the ones who trust me enough to give my recipes a go!! It means a lot to me that your helping this momma out by passing word on about my site. I’m so lucky to have faithful readers like you!! 🙂

OK this momma is going to dive into a little of #5 and a lot of #6 from above 🙂