Soooo this momma had some good momma time today! I was hesitant bringing Madison to daycare today because of the ear infection she got diagnosed with yesterday afternoon, however before going to bed last night she was 75% better and this morning she was 95% better!! Gosh you don’t realize how much you love their little “personalities” until some nasty virus comes along and steals it!! I knew something was up with her yesterday she was way too “needy” and “clingy” even for her! At least now she has antibiotics. Anyways, I had some guilt sending her off to daycare this morning but why not if she’s feeling ok.

So after I dealt with my guilt (probably about an hour and I was good to go) I made a new lunch! I posted it the other day, Mediterranean Grain Salad. Definetly something I could have for lunch and not feel guilty! I hope to make a lot of these kinds of dishes this summer so I can pack lunch for the beach and not be tempted by all the fried foods and goodies at the snack bar. Yes the snack bar at our camp has salads, yummy salads actually, but if you could have a fat Bacon Burger, french fries, or mozzarella sticks what would you pick??? Yah I have no control I know. At least I admit it!! Well I suggest you checking out that recipe because it’s very easy and you could easily make some for a crowd or for yourself that will last a few days! Plus of course I took pretty pictures!

Also today is “U” for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, thank god I thought of something great to share with you! An Upside Down Cake – Pineapple Style!! Of course I searched for an easy one  LOL!! Luckily I’m not a big pineapple fan so I won’t be tempted to eat this so this is all for my hubby!! Check back after we hit “Z” in the challenge so I can do a poll and reveal what the Top 5 Recipes viewed that were part of this challenge, that’ll be fun! Not too snazy huh!!!

Tonights dinner is currently in the crockpot right now, it’s Chef Nicole’s Mud’Stard Crusted Pork. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out, I guess I’m a bit of a Mustard freak these days!! Oh well! I’m serving them with Momma’s Sweet Squash Mash. Bet your wondering what that is huh……go check it out!! I cooked it a little too long so I’m adjusting the time. I’m surly going to try it again because the marinade/flavor was to die for (but then again I’m a mustard freak!) I also may try cooking this in a bag in the oven next time, my pork always comes out awesome that way!! Just a thought!

So I have to tell this story…I forgot to share it a few weeks ago. It’s embaressing, it’s not something that most people would want the world to know but hey, mine as well make it funny and share! So a few weeks ago when my MIL and I went out for dinner to the Common Man, I forgot (OK didn’t want to admit it then) that she took me to a boutique to be measured for a more “fitting” bra. AKA, one that fits!! I have been putting it off since I had my daugther because, well, I really didn’t care to know what size I was. I finally gave in because I was sick of being uncomfortable, I was sick of falling out of every which way! So off I went….UGH it was torture, not only did I find out what size I am (don’t worry I would never embaress myself that much) but it was depressing. To know that I have to wait to get a reduction until we are done having kids kills me. I just want it done now! Well I relunctantly spent $200.00 and walked out of their with 3 new bras, yes you heard me, 3!!!!!! AHHH! made me want to hurl, but what was done was done, I went about my night with my MIL and had fun.

The next day I pulled out these delicate HUGE things and put one on to head out for the day. Within 10 minutes my ribs were hurting, the wire was resting on my ribs, OUCH….I thought maybe it was just that particular bra, NOPE as the week went on and I wore the other two, I then realized, this is just how a bra that fits me feels like!!!! UGH more torture! So now when you all see me you can all know just how uncomfortable it is to be big chested!! 🙂

So what else is up this week! Well tomorrow I’m going to be making a new meatloaf, it’s adapted from my new favorite cooking show is Pioneer Woman. Thurs I’m trying a “Secret Recipe” from a co-host that I can’t reveal until her site airs later next month. It’s perfect because it’s a casserole and I have a wake to go to so my hubby will be all set for dinner. My great uncle passed away this week, he was such an awesome man. My heart breaks for my Nana who was very close to them, and also my mom and of course his family. 😦  Friday I’m hoping to finally make those Filet’s wrapped in Prusciutto. Hopefully I can use it up before it goes bad!!! AHHH!!! I have a friend who is having surgery tomorrow and she needs some help recovering so I’ll be taking some food over to her on Friday and Saturday 🙂 (no worries she is in great health just a day procedure!)

You know…….my daugther was at daycare all day, the teachers went on and on about how great of a day she had, my mom and my sister bragged how good and happy she was over the weekend when they had her so why is she such a crank when I have her??? I don’t get it, people say it’s because they can be themselves and they save all their “moodiness” for us, so I’ve been told by many people but it really bothered me tonight 😦 trying hard to not let it run the great day I had. Cooking just makes me happy!! 🙂 At least boo liked my mash tonight!