Yes I’ve made a few “V”egetarian dishes lately. I’m going to share a few with you today! I’m quite proud of them! They were yummy! Don’t loose me now…….come on come check it out, they are great dishes. I try to accomodate all my viewers and a Vegan, Vegetarain, Gluten Free part of my site is important to me and is always a work in process. Please feel free to browse through other recipes sometimes I just don’t know to add them to the Vegan section! Duh!! For a full list Click on My Recipe Box and Gluten Free/Vegan/Vegetarain. I have some fixing to do I see!

So the first one I’ll share with you is is the Chickpea, Bean & Kale Soup. This was adapted by a blogger friend frome I changed it a bit but it was so awesome, sorry I have no pictures, I made this during the winter before I started taking pictures of EVERYTHING 🙂

The next one I tried a few weeks ago, it was “Q” for Quinoa Pilaf, that was an awesome dish!! I highly recommend trying this one! This comes directly from The Common Man.

And I made another really great soup for St. Patrick’s Day this year, it was called Vegan Irish Stew. It was sooo good, I actually ate it all week long I had so much of it!!

I also made up a recipe a few weeks back Momma’s Cold Bean Salad when trying to look for something to serve with my Turkey Burgers. My husband wouldn’t touch it, and for some reason I can’t get my 18 mth old to eat beans, but I ate it all week! LOL!!

And the last one I just made yesterday actually! It was really good!! It’s called Mediterranian Grain Salad.

So those are my five recommendations, even if you not a Vegetarain, I’m telling you it’s a great way to have a healthy meal!