This is the question I find myself asking at least 50 times a day, as in, why does my child do that?? LOL…I want to take a child phychology class again just so I can really see how their brains work, it completely amazes me. For instance, every mother on earth has told me that their kids are always good for others, relatives, babysitters, schools, daycares, well my daughter is part of that lovely group as well, but my WHY? comes in because why can’t she be that good with me? I instill the boundries, I teach the manners, I scold the rights from wrong, but I get the sh*t end of the stick. I’m just saying. Let’s discuss some WHY’S shall we.

Let’s start it off with the best one their is….

WHY is being a parent so DAMN exhausting??

WHY do toddlers not understand that whining, crying, hitting, biting or flaling about does not get them what they want?? (well not with this momma!) WHY does this take so long for them to get??

WHY do all things EXCEPT their toys amuze them the most?? Don’t buy toys future parents, buy lots of tuperware, canned goods, DVDs, anything paper, and any type of clothing. You’ll be fine.

WHY aren’t children just born talking? They are born with legs, arms, automatic breathing skills, what’s one more thing?!

WHY do toddlers find it so thrilling to close doors, put covers on things, or put things in and take things out??!!

WHY do all kids develop differently??? Genetics AMAZE me!!!! Truly AMAZE me!!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, but trust me, I’ll think of more!

So today…….well we had lunch with our friends. We (as in MM) napped (an hour that’s all I get, but don’t worry daycare gets two hours) then we headed off to music group at our local mommy group, too cute I’ll tell you!

Today’s letter is “V” I chose to pick out my favorite “V”egetarian meals from my site and well…..informed you that you should make them!! Check it out!

Tonight for dinner was a new recipe I made up LOL….I highly recommend you check it out, pretty pictures and a yummy finishing, lets put it this way, my husband never liked Meatloaf, the last two times I’ve made it, once was a different recipe this one was one I made up, he now will eat Meatloaf he says!! YAY!!! So I called it Momma’s Ranch Meatloaf, it’s also as healthified as it comes too, I actually didn’t feel bad eating it what so ever!! I served it with Corn & Tomato Salsa and Scalloped Potatoes……..OMG I forgot how much I love them, yes I licked the plate, and yes I’ll be making these from scratch very soon!! Corn and Tomato Salsa I made up myself..LOL I like corn but I like to make it interesting so this is what I did! LOL….half a bag of frozen corn (thawed) and a bag of stewed tomatoes (I used the seasoning kind with peppers). This is what it looks like!

And my scalloped potoates….

Add them together and you get this wonderful din din………..OMY!!! (catch up people OMY means OH MY YUMMINESS!)

Some more very GREAT news for Momma’s Meals!!! My blog (website) is going to be listed under the local blogs in the Parenting NH magazine.  You can find them in your local NH grocery stores!! AHHHH! I’m super excited, I can’t wait to see it!

Don’t forget that tomorrow I’m the Featured Co-Host at “It’s a Keeper Thursday!” We’ll see what everyone is cooking up over there!

Also………I’m so proud to say that a fellow blogger has nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. First off she is a very new fellow blogger to me, we just got in touch maybe Monday!!!  So for her to mention me for the award is amazing. So thank you thank you thank you Stephanie from It’s Not Just About the Recipe. I can’t even tell you how awesome it has been meeting the people I have met in the past six months while taking this new venture in my life!!!!