This week a fellow blogger friend nominated “Momma’s Meals” ………..wait for it….wait for it…..I know you can see it, it’s big and green and it’s right there!! How amazing is that!! Stephanie from its Not Just About The Recipe found me through another blog that we both read often. I’ve recently come across her blog and vice versa just this week so I’m so honored that Stephanie thought of me and Momma’s Meals!!


The Versatile Blogger Award is a great way for bloggers to introduce different bloggers to each other and also to promote quality blogs that the awardees and their followers might not otherwise discover. The rules of the award are quite simple:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.
  • Include this set of rules in your post.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.  

I’m new to the blogging world so the blogs that I follow are a handful maybe of 20 or so, great recipes, baking, momma blogs, I’ve recently started “Featured Fridays” at Momma’s Meals and it’s been such an awesome experience because I’ve gotten in touch with some amazing writers, cooks, moms, chef’s……and well bloggers! Picking 15 is tough, plus 15 blogs who haven’t already been awarded because they all rock!! So without further a due!

  1. Gastronomical Sovereignty – I met Kristy while I was searching for people to be featured on Featured Fridays, she is a breath of fresh air…..HA I love her site, her humor, her writing and her thoughts on fresh foods.
  2. Domesticated Duchess – Marina’s blog is going to be on a Featured Friday in May, she has so graciously even offered to try a recipe of mine! Now to choose ONE recipe of hers!
  3. Culinary Colleen – I specifically remember Colleen because she lives near me! How ironic, Colleen’s recipes look AMAZING and I love her reviews of places she has obviously visited while traveling.
  4. Mandy’s Recipe Box– Mandy has a great linky party people should check out called “Totally Tasty Tuesday” She’s got  a lot of yummies!
  5. Crunchy Creamy Sweet – I was drawn to Anna’s blog because she is a SAHM mom too, well besides the yummy things she bakes!
  6. She Makes Me Bake – I remember coming across Emily’s blog because I really want to learn more about baking I thought…”Wow I can really learn from her!”
  7. Nap-Time Creations – I liked Emily’s blog because she seems to be quite the crafter and I hope someday I have more time for crafting!
  8. Juggling with Julia – I don’t even remember how I found Julia, but I remember a friend of mine gave her a shout out on FB and I responded with, hey I read that blog all the time! Julia makes awesome nutritious meals!!
  9. The Mom Hood – I found Amy’s blog through a local free Parenting Magazine, I had no idea that there were local blogs and then I came across Amy’s! She has crafts, DIY projects and recipes on her site!
  10. Mom’s Crazy Cooking – I found Tina’s blog the way I found most of my blogs but I can honestly say that I have tried a number of her recipes!!
  11. Daily Dish Recipes – Nicole’s blog has been a favorite of mine since day one, she’s got some great recipes and is an amazing writer, plus anyone that finds time to raise a family of 5, cook, write AND scrapbook, is great in my book!
  12. It’s A Keeper – Christina brings me back to the VERY beginning of my blogging world, she has been a huge inspiration and a huge help with recipes and blogging!
  13. Ditch The Wheat – I love Carol’s blog, she was so kind as to let me guest post on it, another great woman doing amazing things, on her site you will not only learn how to eat healthy but also gluten-free! I must take a page from her book…….sooner or later!
  14. Foodie With Family – I found Rebecca’s blog while searching for a recipe back in February, I’m proud to say it turned out great for a Super Party we attended! She is by far a professional in the kitchen!
  15. How Sweet It Is – I love Jessica’s writing on her blog, she literally cracks me up, and I can say I’ve tried a few of her yummies as well!

Seven things about me, you know I’m not good at talking about ME!!!! My family yes but me….


  1. I was married on a vineyard (uh hello you do know how much I love wine right!!)
  2. My career was actually in Finance before I stayed home and got attached to my kitchen!
  3. My mom and dad met at 15, were married for 25 years, and then I lost my dad at 22.
  4. I have a phobia of driving, I do drive, a lot, but I hate even being in a car.
  5. I have had MANY kitties in my life.
  6. My husband, my daughter and my birthdays are all weeks apart.
  7. My worst pet peeve is when people judge others. Any kind of judging!

Thank you, again, to Stephanie over at  It’s Not Just About The Recipe for nominating me and giving me the opportunity to nominate others.