That’s all I have to say about today! A week with a sick boo (shes much better now!), a wake I had to attend last night, and my friend recovering from surgery…….I’m beat!!! LOL….however I did save a yummy recipe for you! Super easy! This is surly going under the Quick N Easy category. I also made a Chicken Parmesan Bake from one of my Co-Host’s but I can’t share that with you until a week from tonight!! I’m super excited to start Featured Friday’s! I know you’ve heard me say over and over again, but I’ve truly enjoyed meeting all of the woman I’ve met through this blogging journey! And the dinner I made that I’ll be sharing with you next Friday…….you will want to try it trust me!! 🙂

For now I’ll share the recipe I made for my girlfriend today that is recovering from a reconstructive surgery. I figured the last thing her and her bf wanted to do this weekend was cook so I brough over a the Low Fat Baked Ziti & Spinach  and tomorrow I’m going to her house to hang out and I’m making her Pork Chops, I’m going to make it different, I just haven’t figured out how to yet….maybe this new recipe I found from Martha Stewart, Pork Chops with Apple Raisin Relish…hmmmm….I’ll ask her what she wants!

OK so the Low Fat Baked Ziti and Spinach, well I had spinach but I didn’t have time to defrost it so instead I added Chicken sausage LOL!!!

I started with making my pasta, I use Smart Taste ronzoni, but ziti is fine too, or whole wheat as well.

Then I prepared the dish. I cut my sausage into pieces.

I added a can of Stewed Tomatoes (with seasoning, drained) half the cheese, and the sausage to the pot of pasta and stirred.

I then transfered it to a baking dish (depending on how much your making will depend on your size, I made this one in a 1 1/2 quart dish with three quarters of a box of ronzoni. Then I added the seasoning and the rest of the cheese! I don’t get a finished picture since I’m not the one eating it LOL!!

So hopefully they will like that tonight! For lunch I had leftover Momma’s Ranch Meatloaf!  YUM!! Been eating it all week!

And then we had a nite cap that started with “X”, today was a hard one, so I went with Cocktails that start with “X” this one was actually really good!!!

So what is up with this momma, well, if you haven’t heard yet, Momma’s Meal is now a part of the Parenting NH magazine’s Blog List!!! Check it out, I’m so proud! Next week I’ll be doing a Guest Post on Ditch The Wheat, Carol was so nice to offer me that opportunity. Lots of stuff going down!! Stay tuned!! I’ll post what I make tomorrow at my friends house!! Should be fun! Oh and boo was being a ham again tonight after dinner eating her new cookies she loves!