I ask this question because we all spend our lives setting goals for ourselves, whether we accomplish them or not we keep setting them, over and over again. Have you ever sat back and asked “What’s stopping me?” I do all the time, and I come up with a gazillion excuses each and every time! Don’t we reach a point where we shouldn’t be coming up with excuses anymore? Anything is attainable. There are only three things I have yet to get that I’ve always wanted is a house, which my husband and I have been working on for years now and we will get their sooner rather than later. The second is a career I love, whether I get paid lots or very little. Right now I get paid by my husband loving each and every meal and my daugther eating as healthy as she can from the beginning. I get paid by everyone else who enjoys my recipes, I get paid when anyone laughs at a post, a story or a picture of my daugther. Right now I’m doing something I love for the first time in my life. Last but not least a breast reduction. Don’t even think about laughing, it’s not a laughable thing, ask anyone! I waited patiently waited through all of my teen years for them, and I mean patiently. High School came and went and they were no where to be found!! I got made fun of, teased, you name it! Then all of a sudden at 20 I swear I woke up one day and bam! They they were! AHHHH I enjoyed them from 20-26, after that everytime I gained a pound, I gained a pound in each breast 😦 I shit you not! Now I get teased with “Can’t miss those puppies.” I’m the crack of every family joke about boobs. So of course you could only imagine what happened when I became pregnant with my daugther. YUP….you guess it, more poundage! And any of you that have had children know what happens to them after your children are born!! Can way say that my boobs have never wanted to move south of border as much as they have in the past year!!!!!!!!

So I ask myself “What’s stopping you Momma??” My doctor took one look at my shoulders and said she’d sign off on any insurance paperwork so it would be covered under my insurance. YAY! However why get it done now if they are only going to get bigger if and when I have another child. Most places I’ve looked into advise against getting this procedure done unless your finished having children. Well what if I’m not? I’m doing the most selfless job in the world, being a mother and I have to wait to make myself feel better? I hate it. It shouldn’t even be a factor in my decision to get a reduction. It’s not fair. The most I should have to worry about is if my insurance will cover it and what time of the year should I do it, not are you going to have more children because if you are you have to wait…….just so sucks. My back hurts daily, I’ve just about given up on working out because they are “just in the way.” My shoulders have permanent indents on them, and well hello I can’t wear cute tops or bathing suits, hell I can’t even wear anything without falling out of it these days. Click Here if you want to read about my first bra sizing a few weeks ago……that ended in me spending $200 on 3 bras that are more uncomfortable than the ones I was wearing that were way too small! I GIVE UP!! I shouldn’t have to choose between the way I feel about myself and if I want more children. This is really on my mind because my best friend of 8 years had breast inplants this past week, a choice that was totally hers, something she’s thought about for years, and finally she saved the money and decided to do it, I encouraged her to go out and get what she always has wanted, I know how it feels to be unhappy with a part of your body for years, so I’m really proud of her.  I had plans to go and cook her dinner tonight and hang out with her, Maddie and I visited yesterday, she was doing well, but woke up this morning not so good so she needed me earlier than planned. So I spent the afternoon with her, the poor thing. I’m a few years over so sometimes she seems like a little sis to me, I’m just so proud of her for following what she wanted and not letting people judge her. Ok my vent about boobs is over, time to move onto the what’s going on in the kitchen. Hey if I can talk about Postpartum and depression I can talk about wanting a boob job ok!! No judging!

Soooooooo…we are off to a BBQ tomorrow at my MIL’s house and I’m bringing dessert so I’m making Cheese Cake Brownies. I hope I can pull it off! Then the next few nights I’m making the Filet with Mushroom Gravy, I’m going to try the new recipe I posted called Zucchini Stuffed with Chickpeas & CousCous. YUM! I’m also making Pork Chops with Apples & Raisin Relish. You have to stay tuned for a few appetizers I want to try on Tuesday of next week when we have our friends over for a night cap play date! 🙂

Also I’m happy to annouce that we have hit our 25,000 hit mark!! Which means my site has been visited 25,000 times! Yay!! After winning the Versatile Blogger Award I had to choose 15 of my favorite blogs, in doing that I’ve come to known the ladies even more and I’m loving it! Nicole over at Daily Dish Recipes had such nice things to say about me…..check it out over at her site! I hope to have her Co-Hosting soon because I already know I love her recipes because I’ve tried some!

Thursday May 3rd my guest post on Postpartum will be featured on Ditch the Wheat, so I’ll remind you to go check out Carol’s awesome blog!

So my hubby went yard saleing, not something he would normally do LOL!! However when your looking for cheap things that your kiddo will outgrow in no time you can’t help but want it cheap. No such luck for the kiddo but he came home with a new cook book for momma!!! It’s awesome! It’s actually from the Bedford Women’s Club which is the next town over, it must be a bunch of women who put this together so now you know the recipes are HOMEMADE!!! SOOOOOO my new feature, I know I know should I really take anymore on?? LOL well I am, every Tuesday I’ll be posting a new Tasteful Treasures from this book, yes that is what the name of the book is called!!! So stay tuned for Tuesday’s first recipe! Now I need to go through them and start picking them!!