If anyone can tell me what the difference is between a Yam and a Sweet Potato, please do tell. To me they are the same so I’m going to list my favorite recipes that involve “Y”ams!! I’ve always loved the sweet side to them, I never had them growing up, I turned to them in place of yukon or russet potatoes years ago when I started eating healthier. I try to make it differently here and their just to make our meals different, so we don’t have to have the same thing over and over again! One of the first ones I made was:

Cinnamon Ginger Sweet Potatoes – I loved this one because for some reason the onions & broth gave it an awesome taste, as you know I add onions to everything!

Sweet Potato Brulee – This one was another favorite and If I remember correctly I also served it at a family holiday dinner!

Twice Baked Sweet Potato – Who doesn’t love a baked potato! Why not make it super yummy!

Sweet Potato Meatloaf Cups – These were AWESOME!! Another way of healthifying a dish!! This is how I originally got my hubby to eat Meatloaf!!

Enjoy the sweet potatoes my sweets!!