Momma had her cravings satisfied! I cooked us a nice steak dinner tonight! It felt good to get back in the kitchen again!! Today I ended the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’m actually a bit sad LOL!! It was fun!! I met some great people too! I was going to tally up the views and announce which letters got the most views but my hubs made a good point……”You have to give Z a chance…..!” I said “What do you mean?” He then proceeds with the point that “A” has had the past 28 days to be viewed “Z” has gotten barley 24 hours LOL!! So I’ll wait until next week to tally that up, we don’t want to hurt “Z”s feelings and all…..Plus the recipe for “Z” is AWESOME!!!!! Check it out!!

So tonight for dinner I made the Filet w/Rosemary & Mushroom Gravy! Well I didn’t buy Filet’s we ended up with Strip Steak and it was still awesome because it really is about the sauce that goes on it! Real tasty, so check out the recipe and some great pics…’s a teaser!

I also made the Zucchini stuffed w/Chickpeas & CousCous. I did hold off on the Chickpeas because I figured it would be too much because our Zucchini’s were really small. I’m going to try this again during the summer when I get big, fat zucchini’s from my aunts garden. Check out the recipe and some pics! Yes of course another teaser!

My baby girl is starting to get a hang of the sit & spin!! LOL I think she’ s having a blast here!

I felt so bad because I was so exhausted today, I feel like I came down with another head cold, everyone says it must be allergies because this is seriously like my 8th one of the season, but they all feel differently and they all have different stages each day so I really do think it’s the daycare and lucky me gets to reak the benefits of it! They do say that the primary care givers gets sick the most because they are with the child more often than the other parent. We didn’t venture out today because I just felt like poop! All day, we played a lot though, I really had some great one on one time with boo today. I’m really taking into consideration what this book suggests as far as diciplining and controlling your child’s outbursts. I’ve become so frustrated with her outbursts and tantrums lately that when my husband finished reading the book I figured I’d give it a shot, so everything I’ve read so far I put into action today……….OMG I’m exhausted LOL!!! I literally spent every second with her, the most I did was laundry. We read, we colored, we played on the porch, we drank from a big girl cup, we snacked, we danced, we had a few tantrums, one time out and I am BEAT! LOL!! Check out one of the suggestion’s I’m trying for changing her. Read it Here.

So tomorrow we are having friends over for dinner, well I’m making a bunch of appetizers. It’s more fun to have pickies and be able to sit and talk verses a sit down dinner. That is hoping I feel ok, if not I may go for a casserole dish and be couch bound since boo is off to daycare! Here is what I plan on making tomorrow for our picky’s.

Veggie Pizza Bites (this recipe will be from the new cookbook I got so stay tuned for Tuesday’s Tasteful Treasures).

Vegetable Rolls (I’ve been dying to try these!!)

Pepperoni Bites (this is also coming from Tuesday’s Tasteful Treasures).

Mini Chicken Empelada’s (I’m using my whole wheat dough for this one) I’ve made a large one before, I’m going to attempt at making them persoal sizes!!

Few more days and we’ll be introducing our first Co-Host!!! SOOOOO exciting!!