Well this momma spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday, why is it then when I think about what I made (4 appetizers) I think, wow that took almost all day LOL!!! But it was worth it! By the time our friends left last night I was exhausted so I put this post off until now, I curled up on the couch and watched Army Wives and The New Girl LOL!!

So I successfully made the Vegetable Spring rolls that I got off of a fellow bloggers site. www.infinebalance.com Trish has some awesome Vegan recipes. I thought it was super simple to make using the phyllo sheets, not sure what others use, and I’ve heard it’s not easy but I found this very easy! So go take a peak….ok ok I’ll give you a sneak peek!

I also made two new appetizers from Tasteful Treasures, my new cookbook. Those both were awesome. The Pepperoni Puffs were great, even the kiddo’s ate them up! I highly recommend these because they were so simple to make! Check em out….yes yes yes…here is a peak.

Then I made the Veggie Pizza, I like serving this cold, it’s the only way I’ve had it before. So I was able to make this ahead of time and refrigerate it. Also, I discovered right as I was about to start making this that I didn’t have a packet of ranch dressing mix, sooooooooo I made my own and it was awesome, so don’t forget to check it out. Looks good huh….

I also made BBQ Empenada’s however I need to perfect this recipe more before I post it, thought it was yummy I have to work on the crust more!

As always, a nice time with friends. I don’t have that many friends with kiddo’s, I have a few but unfortunately they don’t live close by so it’s hard to get together. I met Jen through my local mommy group and her husband got along great with hers and they now play hockey together, yeah I know, they get more nights out than we do LOL!! It’s always nice to sit and talk with other parents, also her daughter is only 4 weeks younger than Maddie so they are pretty much at the same stages……it’s nice to vent. Jen is great listener! Olivia and Madison, not such great listeners LOL!! The two of them together are TROUBLE ….cute trouble at least!

Well we got to talking, and I admitted something I had never admitted to anyone, so let’s play a game, let’s all admit 5 things we’ve done as a mother that we can finally come clean about!! The one I admitted last night was:

1.) I’ve been known on numerous occasions, after vacuuming my living room to walk by and kick a random crumb under the couch. I don’t know why, call it OCD, the fact that I’d just like to keep my rug “that” much cleaner a “little” big longer.

2.) I fully admit to, 75% of the time, ok really 95% of the time do an eye roll or a deep sigh when nap time is over and I hear my daughter wake up!

3.) I sometimes zone out so much while driving, singing to myself so much that I forget I’m not alone 🙂

4.) I admit to missing being number 1 to my hubby. There……I admitted it, to the world. I miss being #1 dammit!!

5.) I sometimes miss work. Yes actual work. Where you see other people every day, even if you can stand them, I miss the pat on the back when I’ve occasionally done a good job, or that feeling when I would feel when I could send an employee home early just because I could……oh what I’d give to leave early some days LOL!!!

However……….I do get a lot of random “thank you s” from my hubby…..and a lot of beautiful flowers or nights out!

Ok so tomorrow is the big day!!! My guest post on www.ditchthewheat.com. It should be up by 10am but I’ll remind everyone! We are also getting VERY close to Featured Friday’s!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Stay tuned for Pork Chops w/Apples-Raisin Relish!! Can’t wait to try that!