Ok, my guest post is out on www.ditchthewheat.com. Carol is a goddess at whipping up gluten free recipes, I envy her for making this change in her lifestyle. Carol left for vacation this week and was kind enough to let me guest post on her site. She was looking for someone to talk about a struggle they have gone through in their life, so I chose to right about postpartum……..Yikes, I don’t know why I’m so nervous, maybe because it’s the first time I’m really telling my story in detail. Also May is PostPartum awareness month!!! Tell your story, share your journey with a new momma, you never know who your going to help!!! Well anywho, check it out and don’t forget to check out Carol’s recipes too!!!

Stay tuned for dinner tonight with this momma! Pork Chops with Apple & Raisin Relish, Pork Stuffing and Green Beans & Red Peppers. YUM!!!

Also see what’s cooking up in this momma’s kitchen for Cinco De Mayo!!! Well besides Margarita’s of course!