Even if it did start with May Showers, it will bring us all May Flowers right!!??? Ok I’m trying to stay positive here as I’m curled up on my couch with my blanket, tissues and soup! Yes I’m probably on my 10th cold since the new year! Thank you daycare but you can keep your germs! I know most people have suggested that maybe I have allergies, and who knows maybe I do, I just don’t “feel” like they are because each time I get something it feels different, 2 colds where in my chest 2 weeks apart, one was in my throat, and this one is in my head (yes I’m barley keeping it up!) Whew………so…..what do us moms do?? We trudge on!! Sooooooo….I had to take a picture of my lunch….Select Harvest Italian Wedding Soup, however you can’t see it because of the itty bitty ritz crackers on top!! Aren’t they cute LOL!!

I’m proud to annouce that May is the official month for PostPartum Awareness. I am proud to share my story with all of you. Here is the link to my guest post that came out today. Visit Carol’s site and check it out. www.ditchthewheat.com. I’d like to post a few things throughout May in honor of PostPartum Awareness Month!! So stay tuned.

Oh remember yesterday’s post? Ok well if you didn’t read it, I talked about how good my husband is with appreciating my “job” and the good that I do for our family……well this was my “thank you” this week 🙂

So tonight I decided to make something different for our pork chops. Pork Chops w/Apple & Raisins Relish.

I served it with stuffing and a new side dish I found from my new recipe book. Green Beans & Red Peppers, sounds plain but you have to check it out……..Looks good huh!!

This weekend is none other than Cinco De Mayo!!! Ok just another reason to make some Mexican dishes! I’m going to be trying a fellow blogger friend’s Mexican Dish called Enchirritos. I had never heard of them before, but visit her site www.mandysrecipebox.blogspot.com to find out exactly what a Enchirrito is!! I’ll be making this over the weekend with a new recipe I found called Cajun Rice. Don’t forget the Margarita’s!!!!!

What else is this momma craving this weekend……….well I have been craving a good chilli. That will go right along with the Mexican theme right! Everytime I make a chilli, I tend to make it different because I try to really give it some heat…..let’s see what this momma comes up with this time!  I’d also like to try the Skinny Lasagna Alredo I posted awhile back. Complements of www.skinnytaste.com. I have yet to make that dish and would like to give it a try.

I’ll be adding some recipes to my Quick & Easy section (located on the right hand side of the new layout) it’ll be some great recipes from Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals, no need for you to watch the episodes when you can get them right here at Momma’s Meals!!

Don’t forget tomorrow kicks of “Featured Friday’s!! Join me here tomorrow to hear about “The Cooking Actress” and what she cooks up in her kitchen!!!