This is how my Friday started off:

ME:  “Hi yes I’d like make a sick appt to see someone today.”
RECEPTION: “Ok who do you usually see I have a 10:15 open with XXXX” Now I don’t remember the Nurse practitioners name that I saw last time, you know the one that tried to give me an inhaler for bronchitis LOL….yeah ok, well it took another 2 weeks for whatever I had that time to go away………so…to continue.
ME: “Oh I don’t remember who I saw last time I was their, I don’t want to see her again, she tried to pass off an inhaler on me and I’m all set with that this time.”
RECEPTION: (giggle giggle) “OK well lets check it out, in Jan. you saw bla bla bla, in Feb. you saw bla bla bla, in March you saw bla bla bla, and on April 4 (EXACTLY ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!!) you saw bla bla bla.
ME: “Wow maybe the doctor will see that I’ve been in every month for four months and finally give me something huh!!!!”

UGH! Yes this momma got some drugs this time!! THANK GOD………so that’s enough of complaining, I just had to tell that story because I thought it was pretty funny how that went down!

You know I really need to start writing stuff down because throughout the day I come up with so many things to write about but by the time I get to sit down and write, I forget most of it! Oh well I guess I’ll learn!

So I hope you all got a chance to check out Kayle’s yummy recipes over at She was kind enough to Co-Host with me for “Featured Fridays!” so exciting! Her recipe for Chicken Parmesan Bake was awesome! Check it out!

Today this momma was supposed to make chilli however I just couldn’t get my butt off the couch, I even just fell asleep for a short 5 minutes (while MM was up, not on purpose) and woke up to her poking me in the eye LOL…..but that 5 minutes felt wonderful!!

My hubby seemed so disappointed when their was no chilli in the crock pot when he got home from work, soooo this momma got her butt off the couch and decided to make it stove top style, hey if anything I could spice it up and clear up my sinuses right!!

So I used my Momma’s Chilli for the recipe, the only changes I made was I added hot sauce and more chilli powder and cayenne to spice it up! Oh and I added a can of tomato paste to thicken it because last time I thought it was more soupy than a chilli should be and it came out PERFECT!!

I diced my onions and added them to my large stock pan and sautéed them for about 5 minutes before I added the ground turkey. I added some chilli powder, salt and pepper to the meat at this point.

As the turkey was cooking through I opened up all beans! Beans galore I love it!!

I always rinse my beans to get out the extra sodium and such.

I then added my beans, green chillis, diced tomatoes and about a tablespoon or two of hot sauce. I stirred and combined everything and then added more chilli powder and cayenne (I didn’t have cayenne so I used a spice that I have called “Hot Shot”) Trust me that did it!!

I then let it simmer on very low for about 45 min to an hour, you don’t have to do this, but we were patiently waiting for boo to go to bed LOL!!

In the mean time this Momma made her own Margarita’s! Had plenty of tequila and triple sec but no premix, so I found a recipe that has about 240 calories per margarita, not bad!! It’s called a Margarita Granita! Super simple! (Yep that’s the tequila going in baby!!!)

Then with MM went to bed we dove into the chilli and Margarita’s!! With a little “Revenge” our night was complete…..until she woke at 9:30 for no apparent reason………(Sigh….)