I don’t care what excuse I can use, Cinco De Mayo, National Grill Cheese Day, Easter, National Sandwich Day or even St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll use whatever excuse I can to make something different, something yummy, something themed!! So this weekend was Mexican style!! How fun!! I’ve been sick with a sinus infections but the mornings are more brutal than anything so come 3 or 4pm I’m bored and sick of laying around so I’ve waddled my stuffy nosed, sneezing self right into the kitchen! Last night was Momma’s Chilli, I made it super hot and it was by far the best one I’ve made, even my hubby agreed with me!!! So check it out…Here is your sneak peak!!

Today was rough, we are assumming that boo is getting some molars in because she’s been quite the cranky kiddo, was up from 9:30 to 11:30 last night for no apparant reason, she just wanted to play, luckily I hadn’t gone to bed yet but Andy had and was woken up 😦  I got to sleep in and I usually don’t but I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow it hurt so bad (no it wasn’t from the margarita     I had last night LOL…it was from this sinus build up!!) So once we finally got MM down for a nap today at 1:45…… 3 hours late, Andy laid down and I started writing……then I decided to start dinner, our Mexican themed night! Of course the first thing I did was this:

Then I started the Cajun Rice and Enchirrito’s. The Cajun Rice is complements of my Tasteful Treasure cook book! Loving this cook book! It was very easy to make, very little maintenance and very yummy!! Next time I’ll spice it up more!

The Enchirritos are complements of Mandy over at www.mandysrecipebox.blogspot.com I didn’t change much of her recipe, I used ground chicken instead of ground beef, for sausage I used a low fat pre cooked sausage by Jimmy Dean, it’s 70% less fat, the only thing I used that was bad was the butter because I didn’t have enough Promise Light left LOL!!! I used low fat, low carb tortilla’s and Part Skim shredded Mozzarella, I would much rather have used cheddar but I didn’t have enough ahhh! But honestly it was still awesome, I didn’t even put any in the individual wraps, the cheese I used on top was plenty!!!!! I was being so healthy I had to have two of these babies!!! Thanks for sharing Mandy!!

Look at the ewy gewy goodness!!! AHHH I’m so glad to have leftovers, I think we’ll have plenty of Mexican for tomorrow!

So glad I got in the kitchen while I could…….hoping and praying I feel better tomorrow so we can head up to the camp and get some things done and get it ready to open up!! It’s hard to be excited about it when the weather was so great in March but so shitty lately!!

God days like today make me wonder how I’ll ever do it with another kiddo on board……does anyone else feel that way? I never wanted an only child, I want a sibling for my daughter, she’s growing so fast I miss it already (minus the middle of the night feedings!!) but my gosh…….I just can’t imagine it right now….so now that Maddie is a year and a half, I want everyone to know…….NO….we arne’t thinking of a second yet! I have a time frame, however it keeps changing! LOL…

Ok this momma is off, stay tuned though I have a few new recipes to cook up this week!! Pecan Crusted Chicken, Skinny Lasagna Alfredo, and I’m still working on something for some steak tips I bought on sale!!! And  Happy Cinco De Mayo guys!!