Well I can tell you one thing………this momma is NOT cooking on Mother’s Day LOL. Two rules here, no cooking on Mother’s Day and my Birthday, I don’t mind cooking on our anniversary or Valentine’s Day but those two days I assigned for me…LOL, don’t let me in the kitchen!!! I mean it!!!

What are you plans? Taking mom out? Making a nice brunch? Lunch? Dinner? Well we’ve got plenty of recipes here for you, here are a few I’ve chosen that would be awesome for you and mom!! 🙂


Breakfast Pies – These were actually one of my first ventures into “baking”. It’s great for rushed mornings, make Sunday mornings, and be done for the week. But mom would be impressed by these because they are super easy but really good!

Hashbrown Casserole – I liked this recipe because their is no “crust crust” it’s hashbrowns! I buy the healthy ones “Simply Potatoes” and it’s a healthy breakfast quiche!

Cannoli French Toast Bites – I still can’t believe I haven’t made these yet!!! I even bought the stuff one weekend and something came up and I never got around to it!! These are fancy smancy for mom!

Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes – I HIGHLY recommend these, OMG my husband and I LOVED these. Mom will really be impressed!

BLT Bake – Looks like a pile of “food” but it’s really just a mouthful of YUMMINESS! If mom isn’t watching her weight, splurdge and use real bacon!! I dare you!!

Low Fat Baked Ziti & Spinach – I’ve made this a few times (I’ve even sneaked in sausage! This is an easy make to bring with you anywhere.

Baked Mac N Cheese – A nice BUT YUMMY version of your favorite comfort meal, why  not share it with mom!


Mediterranian Grain Salad – This is an awesome refreshing side dish for lunch, it’s filling and full of flavor!

Chicken Waldorf Salad – If your looking for something a little above your everyday sandwich this is it!! Or serve with a nice soup in the crock!!

Turkey Stroganoff – This is a super simple meal to make if you want to still enjoy yourself and entertain while you cook I suggest this one (can use chicken if you prefer!)

Slow Cooker Sage-Parmesan Pork Loin – This one is a favorite in this house and has been made my many friends….set it and leave it! Serve to mom!!

Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese Pasta – I can’t wait to make this soon! I love everything in this recipe!

Chicken Florentine Burgers – A nice way to stay healthy, these were awesome!


Sorry but this momma has cocktails on Mother’s Day. What will you be having? Well one of my favorites is a white wine mixed with champagne. I’ve also discovered that “Barefoot” has this already made for you, buy it by the bottle!

Sangria Sangria – I added this recipe to the Spring/Summer section, I really really can’t wait to try this one!!

Kickin Cranberry Cosmo – This sounds pretty yummy! And pretty light in calories! Perfect for you and mom! I’m not saying that you need it or anything but I’m just saying.

Slimmed Down Strawberry Daiquiri– Yummy!! If it’s a nice warm day this will do it! Though it probably won’t be because it’s only sunny and 85 on Father’s Day! No I’m not being negative, ask my mom, that’s how it goes!