Just another Manic Monday…..I don’t know, it was just that kind of day! Sun was shining and it was 70 degrees out but I still felt like a load LOL….However MM did have a check up today!! I love check up days!! They can be nerve racking but exciting at the same time!! Nerve racking because as a mother I always worry, worry that something is wrong, or maybe it’s just me and not everyone worries like I do! Anyways she did very well, she is a happy healthy girl! I had to hesitate their because I wanted to say Baby Girl but I couldn’t (sniff sniff)

So I’m joining new groups and meeting more people! It’s fun! I’m going to take part in some challenges, to improve my writing skills and……..well everything else! Cooking, baking, blogging even photography! My first group that I’d like to take part in is Sunday Suppers. It’s a bunch of foodie bloggers who cook a nice Sunday dinner, we blog about it, talk about it, tweet about it, pin it and it’s a great way to have that good Ol’ Fashion Sunday dinner back again!! I can’t wait! It won’t be until the end of May because Sunday is Mother’s Day and well we all know this Momma doesn’t cook on Mother’s Day and I’m sure their are plenty of other ones that don’t either!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, check out some great suggestions for a Mother’s Day brunch or lunch….feel free to comment and tell me what you may be doing with your mom!! I’m not quite sure what we are doing yet, I know I’ll see my mom at some point but hubby may have something up his sleeve (I love surprises!!)

So tonight I made the Pecan Crusted Chicken, I posted this recipe I awhile ago but never had a chance to make it so check it out! It was awesome, this is surly an awesome chicken to put on top of a salad!!! YUMMY, with the dressing I made from a new blog I found www.theperfectpantry.com.  It’s a Honey-Mustard Yogurt Dressing. Trust me your going to want to check this one out!!

Speaking of dressings, since I’m venturing out and making my own sauces and dressings lately I added a new section!! YAY! Check out the right menu bar. Be patient I’m just starting so their aren’t many there yet 🙂 I served the chicken with a side salad and left over Cajun Rice from Mexican weekend! Which reminds me, I better go take some tums while I’m thinking of it!

Tomorrow is Tasteful Treasures Day! A new recipe from my new favorite cook book!!! Stay tuned!!