So even though I’m still not 100% myself and Maddie woke up with……well something! We still went up to the camp to try and get some things done. I guess we can call it “something” because I just find it IMPOSSIBLE for her and I to even have as many colds as we’ve had since the new year. Honestly, hers has never really gone away, she’s been congested since January and today her eyes have been watering and she’s been sneezing….UGH….at this point I hope it is allergies! Thank god we have her check up tomorrow so we’ll be at the doctor’s anyways!

So I have to admit I haven’t been all that interested in getting up to the camp, I think mostly because, well it’s work LOL….but also it’s change, it’s traveling back and forth every week and that’s a lot for my tyke. Well we don’t have to travel, but I wanted to give it a shot this summer because I really missed my house, my kitties, my bed! And plus daycare twice a week has really been good for Maddie and Mommy!!! However once we got up their today, I started to “want” to be their again, the fresh air, the closeness to family, the water, the sun, just everything, I guess this momma needs some sun! Maddie didn’t seem to remember much of our summer their last year….but she explored…

And eventually got comfortable! Even ate her hotdog in her wagon!

And even helped daddy do some yard work 🙂

Momma didn’t get much done but that’s ok, daddy did and we are almost ready to go up whenever we want and stay as long as we want……….so bring on the warm weather!!

So what is going on this week in Momma’s kitchen! Well tonight I’m making Pecan Crusted Chicken. A good healthy way to eat pecans! I’m going to serve it with some left over Cajun Rice that I made over the weekend with my “Mexican” theme. Maybe a salad to go with it, we haven’t had just a salad in awhile!! Tomorrow I’m doing a crockpot meal, I’m actually having withdrawals from using my crock!! LOL!! I have steak tips and I just realized that when I made up a recipe awhile back I forgot to give it a review!! And I don’t remember, so out I’m going to make the Beefy Onion & Mushroom Steak Tip Dinner. Only I think I’m going to omit the noodles and serve it over Momma’s Smashed Cauliflower. Wednesday I have plans to meet a friend out for dinner, some much needed Momma time out of the house! Still ahead this week is the Skinny Lasagna Alfredo, can’t wait to try that one!

I’m excited about our second “Featured Friday” this week!! I cooked this recipe a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to share it with you! Hate to wish away my week, but I love these lovely ladies that I’ve come to know! Also I did a tally on the A to Z Challenge, Top 5 Viewed Letters!! Check them out, it was fun to see which ones had the most views!!