My day started with some guilt. I feel bad loving daycare days 😦 I got Maddie ready for school, she was so good, she’s really got this whole school thing twice a week down pat! I dropped her off, she clung to me (didn’t cry), but I kissed her, said have a good day and I love you and left…waved good-bye at the door, she just looked at me… I clean my whole house while I can, I usually cook a dish however we have tons of leftovers so I’ll probably wait until Thursday, but I did get dinner into the crock, had a nice healthy lunch with my leftovers from last night!! (I always eat healthy when I’m by myself LOL!! Wrote a little, I even had time to lay down for a whole hour, yes you read that correctly, a whole hour of laying on my couch without getting up, I thought maybe I’d fall asleep but no luck. Then I went to the store and picked up a few things before I picked up boo, however the point of my story is I feel guilty all the time on these days. I hate it because I know I deserve them, they keep me sane, I just feel bad that I look forward to this time, it’s not like I don’t make up for it Mon, Wed and Friday’s are Mommy & Maddie days! Weekends are Family days, do I not deserve these 14 hours a week?? I don’t even work out like I first did when she started daycare because I’ve committed to so much blogging these days! Well more so because every other week I’ve been sick so everytime I start to do well at the gym and feel good, I get sick……..

Is it me or does anyone else hate all the mirrors at the gym?? Maybe I’m just making up excuses as to why I don’t go who knows but I can’t stand being on a treadmill and watching (stuff jiggle) I hate using a weight machine and seeing myself struggle LOL. Is it me or are their more people at the gym “trying” to loose weight and get healthy or more people “maintaining” their awesome bodies? I’ve only actually witnessed one woman who actually “likes” to look at herself while she works out, literally I laugh when I watch her workout, it’s worse than guys! So anyway their is a new reason as to why I’m not going to the gym……besides I’d rather be outdoors anyways! That is the one good thing about being up at our camp, they have an awesome neighborhood to walk, it’s how I stayed in shape during my whole pregnancy! I said to my husband last night “Hun maybe we should just get pregnant again seeing as that’s the only time I seem to loose weight!!!” Seriously that’s just messed up!

Ok I’m rambling on….and on. Talking about guilt, mommy guilt, time alone, time to have girly time. Well I went onto one of my favorite sites that always has interesting articles that I can always relate to and low and behold!!!! Their was my blog on the home page………..Featured!! Featured Blog…..check it out! I had no clue and was more than happy to see it, I have no idea how long it’ll be on the home page, my blog is under “Mom and Dad blogs which is under “Parenting Blogs” I got added a few weeks ago but I almost fell out of my seat to see it featured on the home page! I’ll suck it up while I can!

I also found an interesting article from (This is what I was looking for) when I saw my featured blog!! I always search around this site once a month (another reason why I asked the editor to add my blog to the “Parenting Blog” section. I take the article and post it on here for you and of course I add my own experience and thoughts too. Today’s was called NH Moms talk about why taking time for yourself is so important. I think it’s such an important thing for us momma’s to do so check it out!!

Today was Tuesday Tasteful Treasure’s Day…..a new recipe from my new cookbook. It’s called The 6 Layer Dinner. Looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it. Someone asked a question about cooking the meat before putting the casserole together, it was a good question because the recipe in the book doesn’t say either way, I think when I make it, I’ll cook the meat first so I’ll keep you posted!

Tonight I made the Beefy Onion & Steak Tip Dinner. I did change it up a bit, I didn’t add the Beef Onion Mix because I only had plain Onion Mix and I know my hubby doesn’t like “too” much onion and I wanted to add sliced onions, I also didn’t serve it over noodles, this time I served it over Momma’s Mashed Cauliflower!! OMY! Everytime I make the Cauliflower recipe it gets better and better I’m so happy!

Ok now that I look at the recipe (that I thought I had memorized!) I realized I changed it up a lot! But oh well, it just proves that we can all make our own changes! Here is my version from tonight:

I placed the sliced onions on the bottom of my crock.

I sliced my steak tips and seasoned them with salt, pepper & garlic powder (I just bought grilling tips from our local grocery store, nothing special) layed them ontop of the onions, then sliced my mushrooms and layed them ontop of the steak.

Then I poured in the cream of mushroom soup and a little bit of water and cooked it on low for 3-4 hours and then turned it to warm for another 3-4 hours. Every crock is different so it’s tough to say!

I also made Easy Cheddar Garlic Biscuits from Last minute and totally simple!     

Great dinner & the hubby approved!! Now to get Maddie to eat steak…..hmmm……..