Good Morning!! Time for a new Featured Co-Host!!!

Becca joins us all the way from England!! WOW!  She is the Chef behind Though she’s a southerner at heart – She’s originally from Hertfordshire. Becca graduated with a degree in Psychology and trained to be a Primary Teacher. Unhappy in this field she decided to pursue her real passion….COOKING! She just recently started a job as a chef in a Restaurant called “Kissing Gate” Love that name!! Wish it wear nearby so I could visit her and see her in action! Becca currently resides with her boyfriend Chris who she’s been with for years. In her spare time she enjoys not only cooking but photography, sewing and reading.

Now though I had to ask my husband what “Bouche” meant LOL I’m proud to say that I tried one of Becca’s recipes and it was AMAZING!! It was the Goat Cheese & Tomato Frittata.

This was actually the first recipe I made for “Featured Friday’s”. It just so happened that the day before I made this recipe I finally broke down and bought a iron skillet and just so happened to have bought the ingredients that I needed to make this awesome recipe of Becca’s. When I was looking through her Recipe list and saw Goat Cheese & Tomato Fritatta, I had to make it because I have never made a Fritatta before and since I was on a goat cheese kick I became very excited to try this recipe! So I dropped off my daughter at daycare and came home with a growling stomach to cook!

Here are our ingredients:

I chopped up the onion and garlic,  I sauteed them in olive oil for a few minutes (I didn’t have sunflower oil but olive oil worked fine)

While that was sauteeing, I beat my eggs in a small bowl (I used 2 eggs and 2 egg whites to make it a dad bit healthier for myself.) I added the milk, chives, salt and as much pepper as I wanted.

I poured it over the onions and garlic and turned it onto low. I cooked it on low for 5 minutes.

While that was cooking I crumbled up the goat cheese and cut my baby tomatoes in half to get them ready.

Insert a baby tomato and crumble of goat cheese evenly around the Fritatta. Add more black pepper if disired.

Trasnfer to the oven with the broiler set on 350, transfer back to the stove top and back again to the broiler a few times until the egg is cooked through, I did this for 10 munutes and I was all set.

I let it cool for a few minutes then sliced it right in the skillet. I was able to serve it right from there! I could have easily had eaten the whole entire thing in one seating! ENJOY!!!