Well my Mother’s Day really started Saturday morning when I woke up to breakfast already made for me!! Then we headed to BJ’s to stock up on some things for the camp, the camp is officially stocked up! A LOT of money later, a long nap for Maddie, and about 4 trips to the truck we were off to the camp for the night!! Maddie got used to the stairs….still making momma nervous but she’s getting the hang of it!

She even helped DaDa rake!! My big helpful girl!

While momma did this on her special weekend……….. 🙂

Being up their made me real excited to cook my first meal up their and share it with all of you!! I never thought I would say that I can’t wait to grill LOL….!! I can’t wait to try cooking different ways. We bought a bunch of chicken and steak at BJ’s and split it up and I marinated it in 4 different kinds of flavors and froze them so we are STOCKED!! I wasn’t aloud to cook this weekend so I just sat their drinking my wine, thinking about the things I could cook up!! Maddie had a hard time going to sleep in her new bed but once she was out she was out until 6:30, so dada brought her to the grocery store and came home with breakfast for momma………yes Mamosa’s! YUMMY!!

Oh this is boo trying to nap in her new bed. Yeah that didn’t work, my hubby had to put up a piece of ply wood to block the the window!

It was too cute, I couldn’t be mad, I laughed so hard I had to grab the camera!

Then I spent the day with my mom, sister, grandmother, hubby & daugther! 🙂 Couldn’t have asked for a better day! I got a one hour massage from Andy, which is what I’ve wanted! The note on the left is from my sister, an all expense paid dinner for a date night with free babysitting of course!!!

 Oh but wait, this is worth mentioning. As we were on our way home from camp I was able to fit in a romantic movie rental seeing as it was Mother’s Day afterall. So we stopped and rented “The Vow.” Now it’s 8:30, MM is finally bathed, clean (she was a dirty kiddo!) and sleeping soundly when my hubby said:

Hubby: Can we just go to bed.
Me: Actually yeah I think I’m going to watch my show in bed so lets watch the movie tomorrow.
So we climb into bed and hubby sighs like I’ve never heard him sigh before……………..
Hubby: Wow I don’t know how you do it babe, I’m so tired….there always seems like their is something to do! Just when I’m finished one thing I see something else that needs to be done.
Me: Yup, that’s my life everyday 🙂
Hubby: Wow, I have more appreciation for you.
Me: Yeah why can’t everyday be Mother’s Day? I’d take a once a month shot!

Sometimes hearing your husband admit that is all it takes to make my day!