Wow….busy momma!! I’m finally getting enough views that I don’t have to stress out and get so many posts done a day….thanks to all of you! All of you wonderful people who check in with me to see what I’m cooking up! My family for checking in to see what MM and I do everyday. And you awesome usuals who pass my site on to all of your friends and family.

So let me catch you up!! Read here for My Mother’s Day. A day to truly celebrate the woman in your life!! Last night I made the Honey Mustard Ham & Beans in the crock!! I cooked a lot yesterday so by the time I sat down to write it was 8pm and my hubby and I had a movie to watch that we had rented Sunday. Sooooooo… always comes first. Check out the recipe though it was AWESOME! I served it with a new recipe I found called Grilled Corn & Asparagus. I made it on my stove top last night but I plan on making it this summer on the grill!! Here is your preview!! Check out the recipes for more detailed pictures!!

I was also busy in the kitchen whipping up TWO recipes from our next featured Co-Host that will be joining me Friday!! Yes TWO recipes because I didn’t know if I’d get to the one I really wanted to make!! I can’t wait to share both of them with you because they were OMY worthy!!

Today is also Tuesday’s Tasteful Treasures!! Now I do eventually plan on making all of these awesome recipes from my new favorite cookbook however I can’t do it every week with all my other commitments, so I posted one last week called The 6 Layer Dinner. Well I’m making that one tonight to be able to give some good reviews and pictures!! However, I don’t want to hold back on a recipe!! Here is one I cooked up as a side dish a few weeks ago.  It was super tasty! Green Beans and Red Peppers. Here it’s served with Pork Chops w/Apple-Raisin Relish.

I’m so into making different side dishes these days. I’ve also become obsessed with Caprese anything. Caprese Appetizers, Caprese sandwiches, Caprese Salads. My husband asked what Caprese was, he said he wouldn’t like it until I served this appetizer on Friday! Then today I used the leftover ingredients to make an awesome sandwich!

Well with a lot of emotions I have to say that my moms house is officially for sale. Went on the market today. It’s so bittersweet. Yes that’s a stop light as a mailbox………just something else that makes me think of my dad.

She raised her family here, my fathers been gone for over 10 years now but it’s a tie to him. I’ll never forget how he would be working on the lawn everyday I came home from college or work. How I played dress up, school, house or anything in my bedroom with my childhood friend. I know we are moving onto the next part of our lives, because my mom is choosing to do this, my family gets a house, my daughter gets a yard to play in, with her Nana next door. It’s exciting and scary at the same time!