Why is that I insist on adding a “Y” to so many things that have to do with my daughter?? Milk”y”, Juic”y”, “Lunch”y” those are to name a few, I have no idea how I started that, but I’ve been doing it since day one LOL….probably annoying to some people but…………so what. I randomly asked myself this today.

So today we went to the Butterfly Place in Westford, MA. after a struggle with moving the carseat (I have no clue, I suck at it, my poor daugther rode with a loosly buckled seat!!) we had a great time! I went with a friend of mine, well she’s become a friend of mine, she is Andy’s best friends wife. We make fun of them for being “Best Buds” it’s funny. Our kids are 3 months apart, I was so happy to know that we would be having a kiddo around the same time as them, and though we don’t get to hang out alot as couples, we do try to get the kids together as much as we can, they are too cute together, Jack & Maddie….two peas in a pod, or so we’d like to think they are……..they are………they will be someday. 🙂 Anyways, off we went…..of course the place was pact!! We probably picked the day where their were three field trips in the hour we were there. Oh and about 4 busses from retirement communties as well……I’m not great with crowds….but I managed, apparantly Maddie gets this from me. LOL….

From the words of my friend “No Maddie you can not go back inside!!” Though sometimes I wish she could!! So she spent 90% of the visit on my hip but they were cute, the pointed at the butterflies and got a big kick of the little birdies that ran around, so we think that’s what they were! Jack found one!!

How cute is he!!!

Not many “photo” opps unfortunatly 😦 she hates the camera like her momma and the butterflies never landed long enough for a good picture! But here is one!

So I attempted a Garlic White Pizza tonight. There is a Pizza place down the street that has a “White” pizza that is to die for! My hubby likes the good ol’ fashioned pizza, red sauce and as much meat as you can get on their! And though I do like meat on mine, I love loading it with veggies and I’m not a big fan of a lot of red sauce (yes I eat my pasta close to plain!) so one night while my hubby was out I ordered this “white” pizza for my sister and I and I thought I had died and went to heaven!!! If heaven has white pizza like this I will never loose any weight!! EVER! I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I’m kind of blending a few different recipes. Also because I have limited cheese in my fridge…..figures the one time I don’t have Ricotta cheese! AHHHHH but I made do!! And it I went with it……and it was awesome!! I impressed myself I must admit……..admit it you want some!!!

Dive in……………do it!

Stay tuned for Featured Friday, you are not going to want to miss this because their is a surprise!!! Tomorrow night I’m going to attemp a new recipe called Scalloped Potatoes with Smoked Ham, I’m making this because I have so much left over ham from our ham dinner on Monday! I LOVE making left over dishes, so stay tuned for that! I’m also looking into a crockpot breakfast I hope to make over the weekend at some point too!!! Stay tuned!! This momma is headed for a little momma time tomorrow!! YES a pedicure, it’s only been what a year!!!!! 🙂