Well yesterday was a busy one!! I ended up at the hairdressers for 3 hours LOL!! I went to my husbands uncle’s girlfriends shop for a quick trim and maybe a redo on my highlights and she had another idea in mind for me……..what is about getting your hair done that’s so relaxing!!?? It’s 3 hours of momma time, it’s someone else washing my hair, styling my hair, 3 hours of not cleaning or cooking 🙂 So………….here is after! It’s a bad picture but yes I’m blonde!!!

So by the time I went and fed my besties kitties for her, foodshopped, and went to pick up boo (45 min late!) dinner was the furthest thing from my mind because hubs was working late. I had a recipe in mind for scalloped potatoes and ham using the leftover ham that I had made from Monday’s recipe, Crockpot Honey-Mustard & Beans. However, time was not on my side, and it’s hard to cook with boo and no hubby so I took care of her and heated up her ham and potatoes and I decided to “cheat” no not order a pizza, I well………you’ll just have to read it under Scalloped Potatoes with Ham & Asparagus. Great dinner idea when you have leftover ham!!

So I can proudly say that I walked 3 times this week. Tuesday and Thursday by myself at the track, using hand weights. The last time I used hand weights while walking was when I was pregnant! Pretty sad when I was in great shape when I was pregnant……..not before, not after!! LOL….Then today I took Maddie with me and we made a picnic out of it!!

Tonight this Momma is headed out to a comedy show in town, one of the local momma’s I met through my momma group is actually performing in it and I’m meeting up with some other momma friends for some drinks and laughs! Tomorrow we heading to a graduation party. I’m going to be making the Oreo Cookie Layered Surprise. YUMMY!!!

Did you check out Featured Friday today? Kristy from Gastronomical Sovereignty was kind enough Co-Host with me! So make sure you go check out not only the two recipes I made from her site, but all the other mouth watering goodies she has cooked up!! Another successful Featured Friday!! I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having doing these, not only fun but the amazing people I’m meeting.

I came across this awesome salad recipe from Chef-In-Training. Within 10 minutes of raiding my fridge and cabinet to see if I had all of the ingredients I whipped up this awesome salad!! It’s called Chipolte Chicken Salad. http://www.chef-in-training.com/2012/05/chipotle-chicken-salad/ I didn’t have the black beans or avacado but this salad was so gosh darn flavorful I’m surly going to make it again with ALL of the ingredients!! So simple!!

Cut up and cook a small chicken breast (I used leftover chicken breast) and sprinkle with Chipolte seasoning (I can’t believe I had this seasoning and had never used it!!) WOW!!

Then I cut up my lettuce and cooked my corn in the microwave. I sliced up some red onions and then made my dressing by mixing together a spoonful of salsa with 1 1/2 tbsp of light ranch dressing.

I placed the corn on top of the lettuce. Placed the seasoning chicken on top of that.

I even crunched up some of these. These are chips I found and I have all the time because they are the lowest in calories, fat AND carbs!!! Nikki (over at Chef In Training) recommended crunching up tortilla chips so I’m so glad I had these in the house because it just added to the flavor!!

Sprinkled them on top and dribble with the dressing mixture and wala!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME YUMMY LUNCH PEOPLE!!

Soooooooooo that brings me to my next challenge!! Since I’m trying to stay active by walking a few times a week, I figured why not make a new kind of salad everyday next week! This salad was so yummy it’s inspiring me to venture out and try some more!! So stay tuned each day next week I’ll be making a new type of salad!! Then maybe I’ll do sandwiches….hmmmm I may be on to something!! Have a wonderful weekend and check in later to see what this momma is cooking up over the weekend!!