Great start to a weekend I must admit. Hubby came home from work and said him and MM were going to camp to “relax” HaHa, no I didn’t laugh out loud sillies, I laughed to myself of course! I was going out to a Mommy Comedy show to help raise money for a local family and their daugther. What better than to give to a good cause, hang out with my momma friends, and laugh my buttocks off!!! Holy Crap were these woman funny, now if your not a mommy you may not find them all that funny, I think their were 4 daddy’s their LOL!! However their is just something about momma’s making fun of motherhood that just does it for me!! I had a down week and it was great to get out and laugh. Why is it that I feel the most comfortable around the woman who are exeriencing what I am experiencing? Motherhood in 2012!! I just feel like they “get” it, does my mom “get” it because she is a mom, of course she does, but she’s been their done that, raising a toddler isn’t fresh in her mind right now. Anywho….I got to get ready in peace, which is huge when you can’t find a thing that fits you, it’s easier to put makeup on when you don’t have a little person hanging off of you. I also got to come home alone (I know I know, a lot of people find it weird that I like that.) I also got to sleep in as well 🙂 HUGE when you stay out until midnight drinking with your girly friends!

I woke up in a fuzzy mood, maybe a hangover, maybe the fact that I again, went through my whole closet and NOTHING fit for a graduation party we were going to. I was making two dishes for this party, simple dishes, my Oreo Layered Surprised and just a garden salad. I’m the happiest in the kitchen, so as my anxiety grew (for no apparant reason) I continued to hum through my preperations (yes I hum and sing when I’m in the kitchen, I know odd.)

Check out this dessert because it’s the second party I brought it to where it all……………disappeared!

I finished and I was instantly exhausted (I figure at this point I’m just hungover) So I laid down and tried to sleep, wasn’t happening. I got up and showered, went through my closet yet AGAIN, and then I just realized that I really need a new wardrobe. I’ve put it off for far too long. I wear a lot of yoga pants and tanks because I’m home alot. When I do actually go out, I have NOTHING to wear, I keep saying that I’m going to loose the weight, but it hasn’t happened yet so I’m slowly starting to realize that my body has forever changed. I can live with that, honestly I can, I gave life, I’m so proud of that, but the only way I’m going to feel more comfortable in my own skin is to buy some cloths that make me feel normal! UGH I hate shopping these days! Even my shoes don’t fit!! No one told me your feet get bigger and STAY bigger after having a child.

Now anxiety doesn’t happen much for me but when it does it can really take over me, it usually comes out a lot while driving for some reason. So after deciding on sweat shorts and a tshirt, packing up the car with my dishes and over night bag to meet my hubby and daugther at our camp to head to the party, anxiety really sets in. I was at a light and when I didn’t go “fast” enough when it turned green, the woman behind me honked. I’m like WTF Douche!!! Whatever maybe I didn’t go fast enough, at the next set of lights when she did it again, I practically hung out my car F-ing up a storm, honking, giving some obscene hand gestures!! That’s when I knew I was doomed, so I got to the camp and told my husband that for once I’m going to do something for myself. I spend everyday taking care of my daughter, our daughter, and my house and husband that for once the time alone the night before, earlier that morning, was just. Not. Enough. I don’t think he was happy and I felt bad not going but It was better for me to just head home. He wanted me to take my daughter and I said no your mother really is counting on seeing her, I can’t do that to her,  you need to take her and I’m going home! LOL!!

So the good news is I got a few more hours to myself, to do nothing, absolutely NOTHING, oh no I’m sorry I cleaned my trailer before I headed home. I hadn’t been able to really get to it without a little one running around soooooooo I took advantage of cleaning it from the winter, we are staying their for the holiday weekend so now we are good to go!! So by the time hubby got home with my daugther I truly missed them both, OK I watched Private Practice while they were gone and it made me thankful for all that I have. I hate down moments because I hate feeling guilty for wanting that alone time, most of my momma books say that doing something for ourselves is must needed, however I can never take it without the guilt!!

So we watched our favorite show Revenge and headed to bed, since the day my daugther was born my husband lets me sleep in on the weekends because getting up at 7 is like sleeping in for him and it really helps me “stay sane” but he took Maddie Friday night and all day Saturday the least I could do was allow him to sleep in. So Maddie and I got up and started to get my Pork Roast in the crock for attempting to make a pork fried rice. I was taking off in the afternoon to go look at a few houses with my mom and my husband had a memorial service to go to so putting a pork loin in was perfect. It took me awhile, a lot of searching through recipes because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I wasn’t sure exacty what flavors or spices are in a pork fried rice so you have to check it out because one minute I thought we were going to be ordering pizza and the next I was licking my bowl! Now keep in mind, it’s on the healthier side because I didn’t actually “fry” it, I was nervous about adding the eggs because it just seemed odd to me however each recipe called for eggs, did you know scrambled eggs are in pork fried rice?? I didn’t!! I’m not sure what cut of Pork it was but it did end up having a bone in it (Yuck it toally grosses me out, I didn’t do that on purpose) It said Pork Roast on it and it had 7g of fat and 180 calories a serving so I went with it! Little did I know when I actually opened it to season it………it was pre-sliced….kinda LOL!! It was perfect for me to actually stick the fresh garlic cloves in the meat!!!!

OMG when Maddie and I got home the house smelled AMAZING! I did do a boo-boo though, I forgot to add my veggies so then I figured I had ruined it, but I just ended up chopping up my carrots, celery, took out my frozen peas and and nuked them in the micro for 3 minutes. I pulled out the pork, the bones literally just fell out! I shredded it and then added the rice, soy sauce and scrambled eggs I added the veggies and it cooked with the pork for the last hour on high. SO GOOD!!! Check out the pics! You’ll love it!! Momma’s Crockpot Pork Fried Rice.

Broke out the Panini grill this weekend……….thought I’d experiement with it….That’s really dust on it!! LOL!!

I had to show you that! Panini’s are just a sandwich grilled. But it’s a press so it cooks AWESOME!!!

I made a sandwich with low fat smoked turkey, reduced fat cheddar cheese, tomatoes and of course my mixture of sour cream and horse radish for my choice of sauce!!

How yummy does this look!!

Then Sunday I made the above sandwich for my hubby and I made a Tomato & Mozzarella one for myself! YUMMY! My new addiction though I didn’t have any fresh basil in the house! I need to make it a habit to have that on hand!!

Not sure if many of you know that my mom just put her house on the market 😦 very bittersweet for us since it’s where my sister and I grew up. Also, a very big tie to my father who we lost almost 11 years ago. Anywho we are looking for a house that will hold my family and her and my sister, all with our own private space. VERY hard to come by people. However yesterday we looked at one, unfortunatly my hubby couldn’t be their so it was my mom, sister and I that went to this open house……..we fell in love. Say a silent prayer that this works out for us because it’s the chance to have the space we need as a family, a backyard for my daughter, my mother close by and my sister not only adores my daughter but LOVES to babysit! 🙂 we are going again tonight to look at it with my hubby……fingers crossed. Happy Monday! Happy cooking!