Yup that day again! Gutta love Wednesdays! We started our day off with a little bit of breakfast. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t like the crepes I wanted to make so this is what boo ate.

I was in the cooking mood as soon as I got my cup of coffee down so here is what I whipped up! I had bought pre-made crepes the other day when I was picking out fresh fruit, I wanted to try it this way before I attempted my own. I promise next time they will be home made but not like my grandmothers!! The recipe was right on the back of the package! So check em out! Fruity Creamy Crepes.

Holy yumminess huh. When hubby and I made our first trip to BJ’s the other day (yes I’m immature and I can’t help but think the person who named this store is just bad!!!) Well when we were their we found center cut bacon!! In bulk!!! I’ve never been able to find center cut bacon at Hannaford’s. The difference, well it’s lower in fat and calories. So I was able to make 3 pieces of that to go with it! Maddie…………didn’t like the bacon so much!! Suprisingly…..I ate it everyday when I was pregnant!!!

So after breakfasat we headed outside, the weather was turning around and I needed to hang up some more flyers for Momma’s Meals so off we went with her bike.

And Pup-Pup

And her banana

And then Pup Pup got left behind like a poor soul 😦 It’s a wonder he loves her so……..she treats him very badly! Throws him when she gets pissed, leaves him behind, tries abandoning him while shopping. Sheesh!!

OK so then we came in for lunch………today felt like a grilled cheese kind of day. So I broke out the panini maker again! LOL Maddie got a big kick out of it!!

Book got a grilled ham and cheese and I got my usual Caprese Sandwich! Even remembered the Fresh Basil! Served it up with some Mandarine Oranges and Grapes!

Look at that oozing cheese guys!!! YUMMO!

So we are getting ready to take off for the long weekend. Thinking of grilling recipes!! Can’t wait. For #SundaySupper I’m making Grilled Balsamic Pork Kebabs!! YUMMY!! I also want to try this zucchini & Squash Ribbon Salad I saw somewhere, now I have to find it!! Ok I’m out guys…..Happy Hump Day! Happy Cooking!!