It’s almost here my friends….a well deserved long holiday weekend! So I came across Rachael Ray’s Grilling magazine while standing in line at the grocery store ealier this week, yes I bought it. Yes I’m trying out some recipes in it. Yes I’m going to share them with you!! One of them is a Grilled Balsamic Pork Kebabs. I’ve always made chicken and steak Kabobs but I’ve never made pork ones!! Why not give it a shot! So I’ll be making this for #SundaySupper this weekend!! A great group of girls get together every Sunday (via blogger world) and we all post our dish and talk about it based on whatever theme is that particular weekend. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend Dishes! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve all cooked up!

Soooo yesterday I forgot to post my salad of the day!! Whoopsy! I had the Classic Cesaer Salad in a wrap!!! Hey it’s still a salad!!

Today’s salad is actually from tomorrow’s Co-Host!!! Yes Colleen from Culinary Colleen will be joining us tomorrow and I’ll be featuring one of her recipes!! It looks like a good one, the only hints I’m giving is that it involves a Steak and a Salad!!! Come tomorrow to check it out! I guess I should have thought about that a little bit better, because in reality even though I’m making today, I’m not sharing it until tomorrow and I didn’t have a Salad for lunch today!! Whoops, well I’ll just have to pig out on the Chipolte Chicken Salad I had last week when I fell in love with salads all over again!! Does that surprise you? I fall in love with food everyday!

However I would like to share with you what I cooked up for myself for lunch today. Yes I made it up, I was at Target today and happened to pass a Whole Wheat Boboli Pizza Crust. As I walked through the isles I start putting together this pizza in my head with what I had at home! YES I’m still on a Caprese kick!! Sooooooooooo I made a Caprese Pizza! LOL!! Check it out!!

I don’t know if I’ll ever have a pizza with actual red sauce on it again! It’s so not needed! I started by mixing some EVOO with a tad mid of Balsamic Vinagrette because well that’s what it supposed to go with Caprese anything! I slathered it on!

I added shredded mozzarella.

Then I added my sliced tomatoes and a few chunky pieces of whole mozzarella (reduced fat of course). And I also added up some roughly chopped fresh basil (it so made the pizza!)

I cooked it for the amount of time the Boboli called for. (8-10 Min at 450F) Wala…instant goodness…instant cheesy goodness I should say!!

I heart Boboli!!

Well I’m off folks….tomorrow will be busy packing up and getting ready to head off for the weekend to the camp! Stay tuned for #SundaySupper and what this momma grills up this weekend!!