I just wanted to tell everyone to have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!! Kiss your loved ones, tell them how much you love them, weekends like this are meant to be with friends and family so squeeze your favorites a little harder this weekend……….why?? Because you can silly!!!

Momma is packed and ready to head to the Camp. Boo is napping all we have to do is pick up a few things at the Grocery store and I should be sipping my first cocktail and grilling by 5!!! YAY!

I can’t let down my usual readers, though you will all be busy doing fun things I’ll still be working hard for you all! I’ve been DYING to take some picture sof my first dinners at our summer Camp so stay tuned!! We eat good up their folks!! First up is Grilled Balsamic Pork Kebabs!!! I’m going to make it with Summer Veggie Salad and a good ol’ fashioned baked potato!! We’ve got steaks, a new recipe for Chicken Burgers, Jambalaya and a No Bake Key Lime Pie!! YUMMO!!

This is how me and Boo started our weekend!! Yummy!! Momma’s French Toast, what’s my secret ingredient? Egg whites for a healthier twist and……………………Cinnamon!! Morning Star Breakfast Patties are reduced in Fat and Calories and Manderin Oranges (Not my favorite so I let boo have mine!)

Then for lunch as promised I had left overs from the dinner I featured today Greek CousCous Salad w/Grilled Flank Steak. I added the cucumbers I had left out last night and a little more feta and wala……..Lunch was served!! Just as yummy cold!

Have a great weekend everyone!! 🙂