Well the long weekend is over and done my friends….it was nice while it lasted but back to real life! While I drove me and my baby girl home yesterday evening from a weekend at our summer camp I couldn’t help but notice all of the Flags flying in yards and store fronts. I thought about what the day is all about and what we are truly celebrating, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw my baby girl looking back at me and I smiled. I thank all of the people who have fought for us and of course all of the ones that are still fighting for us, from my family to yours….thank you!!

So what did you cook up this weekend?? You grilled right???? You had to grill! I grilled EVERYTHING all weekend!! It was so fun to be outside cooking!! I attempted a few new things this weekend too! Check em out!

So we first made Grilled Balsamic Pork Kabobs. These are a must for your summer grilling because the marinade was TO DIE FOR!! Check out the actual recipes for more detailed pics! I had never made Pork Kabobs before and boy am I glad that I did!! This dish was served at our weekly #SundaySupper. (I’ll explain more about that later since I had a blast taking part in this event! Back to Kabobs!!

I also tried a new dish to make our veggies a bit different! I’ve seen it made before, it’s super simple and super yummy. I’m calling it Summer Veggie Ribbon Salad. Check er out!!

Do you think I liked our first BBQ of the season??? Nah!

For lunch I made a Grilled Caprese Sandwich– Oh my yumminess!!! It had crunch like you wouldn’t believe, no stove, pan or pannini press could make a crunch like this guys!! So Simple…………Here were my ingredients:

I used this grill pan we have for the grill, but later on in the weekend I discovered (well ok my husband told me) that the best way was to lay them on the actual grill……..hmmmm….

So this sandwich didn’t have the neat grill marks on the bread however it still gave that awesome crunch that I seem to be addicted to and my mouth is watering as I think about it.

So filling no chips needed people!!! Specially with a cold beer in the other hand!

My family decided to go out to dinner one night so my hubby and I, trying to watch our pennies, decided to grill up some meat that we had bought in bulk and froze a few weeks ago. I also invited my sis to come because look……..Maddie loves her TT to death!

So when my hubby and I stalked up on meat a few weeks back we divided it all up into ziplock bags and marinated it all with different marinades!! We had on hand…..Hickory BBQ Sauce (my fav!), Teriyaki Sauce, and Steakhouse. I just picked out a bag of chicken and figured we’d be surprised!! I didn’t even know what kind it was until we went to throw it on the grill! We ended up with Teriyaki!

Now this is an example that we can all still be healthy while camping and enjoying each other on summer weekends. The night we grilled the Kabobs I had a baked potato this time I decided to serve it over a bed of lettuce, tomato with a little mozzarella cheese.

I made my sister and hubby a baked potato and frozen veggies, but to get the grilled effect I just took the veggies and put them in a dish, mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper, covered them and grilled them right beside the chicken!

So when the chicken was ready……popped it on top of my salad and I felt better knowing I had a healthier meal! Hey at least I try while still having some fun!

So what else did we BBQ up….well I made us Grilled Ham and Cheese’s on the grill…..Maddie loved them! Of course because they are her favorite!

I added tomatoes on mine.

Can you tell which one was Maddies!! 🙂 How cute huh…I know I’m cheesy!

Again, so filling no need for chips for fries folks!!

I made them directly on the grill this time and the only thing I recommend is buttering the bread well and spraying non stick spray on the grill first. Other than that, simple as pie! Oh speaking of pie……….I made a pie while camping!! YES I did…..!! It was a No Bake Pie!!! You have to check out the recipe to see what everyone thought about my Pie at the fire that night! It was pretty hilarious!! But here is my end result!

Whole lot of berrilicious here huh!!

Ok so before we headed home yesterday we decided to make pizza on the grill! YEP pizza I say!! My hubby is the pizza guy in this family so I got everything ready and he puts it together! I even used fresh basil folks! We use Portland Pie dough, it’s whole wheat, reduced fat cheddar and parmesan cheese with turkey pepperoni and green peppers!!

Doesn’t that look yummy!!

Yay hubby for awesome grilling this weekend!! Yay momma for the awesome ideas LOL!!

So what’s up for the week……well stay tuned for a Fiesta Chicken dish in the crockpot that we had tonight that was delish! We are featuring someone new on Friday…….can’t wait for that!! Well I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend!! Here is Maddie ending our weekend with a good bath, totally, utteraly, beyond exhausted 🙂