I’m learning to count my blessings to stay positive. To get through the tougher days. To make me see what is important, who is important. How do you stay positive?

What’s to Love About THIS Wednesday?

I’m home with my daughter.

I have great friends that truly care about me.

I have the best family in the world.

My husband is still attracted to me. He loves me more today than yesterday.

My daughter copied a bunch of things I did today from clapping, sticking my tongue out, sitting up against the wall, doing patty cake….etc. etc.

I have a MIL that genuinally loves me.

I have a Mother who wants all of my dreams to come true.

I have a husband who really cares if we feel “disconnected” My text page this morning read “Thank you for talking to me last night, even if we were up late, I don’t want to loose site of our feelings and emotions. I miss us.”

I planned a date night for me and hubs for Friday.

I have a sister that loves her neice and watches her over night so daddy and I can have time alone.

I have a summer place where we can stay for a night alone!

I got to do what I love to do today. Cook.

I had a snuggle partner…..Nope not my daugther!

That was just to name a few. I don’t know why thinking positively is so hard for me LOL! It wasn’t always hard. I do notice the more positive I am the better of a day I have. I also noticed that when Maddie has a good day, I have a good day, and when she has enough sleep she is so much more fun to be with!

So make sure you check out what this Momma made last night for din. Fiesta Chicken in a Crock. It was a hit and it was just as good the second time around today for lunch! Can we say yum!

Tonight my MIL is visiting so I’m making a new Marinated Tomato Salad that I saw made on Pioneer Woman today (yes I tape them from the weekend!) I’m making a gluten free Tuscan & Tomato Risotto, but it’s a boxed kind, it’s lower in calories and fat than most so I buy this brand, it’s in the organic isle and they have a few different kinds. Now what kind of chicken to make…….I decided to try the Chicken and Rustic Mustard since I posted it back in December and never tried it!!

Here is how it turned out!! (Click the recipe for more detailed pictures of the cooking/preparing process)

How yummy does that look!!

My MIL loved it, so did hubby and it’s a real healthy dinner!!

One thing I’m starting to notice is I LOVE fresh herbs. I can’t wait to grow my own herbs in my yard (hopefully very soon!) It’s just so flavorful!

Tomorrow I’m making my featured dinner from our Co-Host for Friday!! Ms. Maggie from Kitchie-Coo will be joining us, don’t forget to check that out on Friday! Also I’m making my a dish from my heritage for #SundaySuppers! YAY! Stay tuned this momma is cooking up a storm tomorrow while Maddie is at “School!”