I forgot what it felt like to stand on my feet for that many hours! I think I started at 10:30 and I finished 2pm! I made our dish for our Co-Host Maggie over at Kitchie Coo!! You definetly want to come back tomorrow and check out what I made!!!!! Made my house smell all nice and…………well I can’t tell you it would give it away!

Then I made my dish for #SundaySupper. I got all sentimental because it made me think of my late grandmother! But that’s all I’m telling you for now, make sure you come back Sunday to check it out!

Oh and for lunch I used the leftover Marinated Tomato Salad and added a few pieces of fresh mozzarella, it made an awesome tasty salad and because I got the end of the bowl from last night, I didn’t even need dressing!!! YUM!!

Thursday is cleaning day but I did get a few hours to relax. I packed a sandwich for dinner for Maddie, dressed for my walk and as I was putting on my socks, I glanced over and thought..Hmmm…where are my sneakers?? DAMMIT!! They are up at the camp! Dammit Dammit Dammit!! How can I walk with no sneakers? I’m not the average person that can speed walk in flip flops because I have tendonitous in my ankles, all it takes for it to flare up is wear a pair of heels out one night and I’m doomed!! UGH…..figures I’m finally ready to get out their and I can’t!

Anywho….that’s my day in a nutshell, since I can’t share what I cooked with you today I guess I’ll make it short!

Oh one more thing, guess what I found today?? I found another group called Foodie Pen Pals! Their are over 600 foodie bloggers involved in this group and once a month you get paired up with someone else throughout the US and you chat with them to figure out what they like, if they have any food allergies, that kind of thing, then you buy them a few things, whether it be your favorite snack, your favorite jam, nuts, most likely whoever you pair up with isn’t going to know anything about my local stuff! Then you send out the package, you receive the package, and you blog about what you recieved and if you made anything with the items…….I can’t wait!!!!! It’s going to be so fun!!