Well is it me or does EVERY weekend just fly by! Even though for some reason yesterday felt like a Sunday! Probably because my hubby and I had a kidless night Friday night. My sister (currently TT) came over Friday for the night and Andy and I headed to the camp, we were going rain or shine LOL! We didn’t get to do what we had planned because we got a late start, I was going to cook Momma’s Meat Pie w/Poutine Sauce and Grilled Herbed Corn on the cob but by 7pm I was wiped so we stopped and picked up take out, we plopped on the couch and finally watched the season finale of Revenge that we’ve been sitting on for about 2 weeks now! We don’t get much time to cuddle on the couch together so when the opportunity arises we take it! So then we rented a movie on Demand. It was called “Gone” It was really good, I recommend it.

So the next morning I put together the meat pie and decided to make my hunny a nice brunch. We had to be back in town by 2 to head off to my MIL’s walk for Relay to support Breast Cancer. We weren’t looking forward to spending the afternoon in the rain however it is an awesome organization and we’d do anything to support my MIL.

So this went in the oven…………looks good doesn’t it!!

Perfectly browned!! I could not wait to dive in!!! Then it all crumbled LOL….that’s what I get for subsituting beef for ground pork!! I guess this is how we all learn!

However what a brunch we had I’ll tell ya!!

I can’t help it, it’s like a disease! I live and breath food! Ideas, recipes, what’s next to make, how can I make this low-fat, low-cal….I just want to make everything! Come Saturday night we decided on leftovers because the fridge is slowly bursting at the seems!! I hope you had a chance to go check out our Co-Host from Friday because let me tell you….I’ve been eating this lasagna all weekend!! So I still had the “cooking” itch so come 8pm when the babe was quiet and we had digested our dinner this momma whipped up some goodness!! I called it Momma’s Blueberry Pie Tarts!! OMY!!!

Get It. Eat It. Love It.

Three things I discovered this weekend that has to do with numbers….One my truck, my baby reached 100K miles! AHHH!!! I love my truck, I hope it lasts another 100K!! I’ve officially posted 700 posts for you wonderful readers! YAY! AND….I’ve reached 30,000 blog hits!!! That is something for me to be very proud about!! 🙂 Thanks to all of you!

So here we are come Sunday…..I know you had to check out the awesome list of recipes from our #SundaySupper via Renee Dobbs this week over at Magnolia Days. Let me tell you what a great group of woman I’ve met through the world of food blogging!! I look forward to Featured Friday’s every week, I’m now addicted to #SundaySupper and of course I’d love to turn into a Foodie Pen Pal so stay tuned for more info on that.

What’s up for this week? Well it’s my hubby and I’s anniversary!! AHHH I can’t believe it’s been three years. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other days I feel like I’ve loved him all my life. 🙂 I most likely won’t be cooking on that night, I hope! Hint Hint Hunny. I’d like to make individual Quick Chicken Pot Pies because I have dough left over from this weekend. I’d also like to make Chicken Parm Burgers again because that’s how good they are and now that I’m addicted to Browned Butter I’d like to try more with that. So much to try!! So little time!

The house business continues…..we are just hoping my mom’s house sells real soon because…well that’s our next step so keep us in your thoughts and cross those fingers because this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me and my family!!

Sunday lunch…..well hubs took Maddie to Target to get her a new toy, and more cabinet locks!!!! Sooooo….I was able to make lunch alone and in peace so I just made a grilled ham & cheese panini with a little dijon mustard and blue chips, these chips are low in fat and calories and they remind me of the ones they serve on Jet Blue!!! 🙂

Then while dada napped later on boo and I decided to pull out a cute princess package I had bought her months ago but never used, I figured she was ready to “paint” LOL!!

Yes I let her stand up in the chair, I was beside her every second, however I didn’t realize it would eventually turn into her wanting to sit on the table!! Look at that face…..so into this LOL!!

Oh well what can you do!! I made an awesome recipe making Brown Butter that I’ll share with you all tomorrow, I’m making my dinner for our Featured Fridday’s Co-Host so I can’t share that with you until Friday, but I’m so excited and at least it’ll give me something to share with you tomorrow…….here is a sneak peak!!! So much more to this recipe….well not hard work, but so much more flavor coming your way!

Happy Sunday all and Happy cooking!!