I think it’s funny that this event just happened to pop into my life while I was going through a “Butter” obsession! So now that it’s been a few months since I shared my last ten latest obsessions I think it’s time to do another version!!

10 things I’ve been obsessed with lately:

1.) Yes….Butter…..Bad…..But. So. Good.

2.) Tomatoes. Can you tell with all of the things I’ve been making. Marinated Tomato Salad. Caprese Salad. Caprese Grilled Panini. Uhm yeah…..Tomatoes.

3.) Fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Hence the Caprese.

4.) Balsamic. Yeah I made Grilled Balasamic Pork Kabobs. The Marinated Tomato Salad has it in their too.

5.) Panini’s. Yeah I’ll press just about anything in my Panini Press.

6.) CHEESE. CHEESE AND MORE CHEESE….Did I say chesse? I put cheese in anything, tonights dinner will show you that.

7.) Sour Cream. I never really liked Sour Cream growing up….not sure why….but now I love it!! On a Potato, Chilli, Taco, Salad…..you  name it I’ll top it!

8.) Bacon. That will always be on the list. I never ate bacon because of how fattening it is but when I was pregnant it was like something I couldn’t control……….then after I had my daugther I went back to Canadian Bacon…..Just. Not. The Same. I’ve since found Center Cut Bacon which is at least better.

9.) Wine. Another usual that will be on my list. I could easily drop 10 lbs by cutting out wine, but what fun would that be?

10.) Late July Summertime Blues – They are Orgain Chips that are GOOOOOOOD. They are found in the organic isle and they have all different kinds. I just looked up on line and saw they have a Sweet Potato flavor, the Mojito is real good and I’ve tried the Ranch too, for 12 chips they are 130 calories, 7g of fat and only 16g of Carbs. Seems like a lot but go look at the back of a Lays Potato Chip bag!!! You’ll be blown away! So I guess I probably shouldn’t eat a half a bag per seating huh…..(for the record the bag is smaller than most chip bags ok!!)

Now onto what has popped up into my life concerning BUTTER. This coming weekend my #SundaySupper group will be cooking up meals that have the new product Land O’ Lakes has just put out!! It’s my first time working with a brand and I also have an awesome giveaway for a special winner!! Just a little something to say thank you for being a dedicated reader! Here is all you have to do.

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3.) Leave a comment of your favorite recipe using butter on my recipe post for #SundaySupper on 6/10. Your help is appreciated, Land O’ Lakes are picking their favorite recipes to feature on their web page!!!!!! Help a Momma out and show me some comment love!!!

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That’s it!!! So come back on Sunday and follow these 4 steps and enter to win a prize complements of Land O’ Lakes!

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