Since I had left over Blueberry Mush, that’s what I like to call it, from Momma’s Blueberry Pie Tarts the other night I decided to make a simple french toast with egg whites, cinnamon, blueberry mush and a dollop of light whipped cream.

Momma & Maddie have breakfast and lunch together every Monday!

So I can’t share with you what I made for dinner tonight because it’s our Featured Co-Host’s recipe that I’ll be posting on Friday!!! However I’d love to share with you what I made last night. My huband requested something simple, something we’ve had before..LOL never thought I’d hear that one! I wanted to experiement with Brown Butter again now that I’ve had it and it’s so darn good!! OMG So addicting, I can’t keep having that, I don’t eat butter it’s way too much fat!! I’m sure it doesn’t taste as good with Promise Light LOL!!

For years growing up I was never a big Marinara person, Spagehetti Sauce kind of person. My mom and I both have bad bellies so my mom always made a homemade sauce (which by the way I need the recipe for Mom!!!) well it was more sweet than savory, I know my husband loves it but she uses sugar to cut the acid from tomatoes!! So I grew up on that, but when I started living on my own in my……god young twenties lets say. Jesus I’m old. Well when I started making it for myself I used, butter, parmesan cheese and pepper. I loved it that way. Great for a hangover too….make note of that.

So when I made the Sweet Potato Lasagna with Brown Butter Cream Sauce last week for our Featured Friday, I was hooked!!! I was so intimidated to make it because as the butter is….well melting and spirting at you, you have to add the pasta to it and well I was scared I admit it………well let me walk you through the steps because it’s amazing!!

Ok so I adapted my topping from my recipe for Chicken Parm Burgers. I loved that taste, I loved how it tasted like a Chicken Parm dish, so I made that recipe but instead of forming it into patties, I just crumbled it and made it to put on top of the Brown Butter Pasta I made.

I started breaking up my ground chicken (another new addiction).

I added the seasonings, onion powder, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

Then I added 2 tablespoons of marinara sauce (I had cheese and spinach on hand) this gives it color and a little more flavor, plus I added the meat to it for my husband’s sauce because he would never have it plain like I did LOL!!

I finished cooking it and also cooked my whole wheat pasta at the same time. I added half the meat to my the rest of the sauce for my husband and put the rest aside for me and my boo.

I wiped the pan clean from the chicken mixture and dropped in 4 tbsp. of butter on medium heat. (I could have gotten away with 2-3 tbsp.)

I let it melt, let bubble around the edges and brown slowly. I always know to drop my pasta in when I get the best fragrance in the world….melted butter with a nutty twist….mmmm….I added my share of the pasta to the butter, from a distance because I was scared! Look at that butter!! I think I gained 5 lbs just from making it never mind eating it!!

I topped it with the ground chicken mixture


This is what hubby’s looked like….Psst….boring!! Ok well you don’t have to tell me, you can add it to the sauce and skip the brown butter part if you’d like… feelings won’t be hurt……

Boo liked it too!!


Today was a Maddie Kind of Monday! All about Maddie! Ok well maybe not because I went to a Mommy group, but hey that’s for Maddie too, they have toys and other kiddo’s to play with. Everytime I go I often ask myself why I don’t do it more often, their is no one I feel more comfortable around than my fellow mommas! Then Maddie had a big ol’ nap!! I don’t want to jinx myself but she’s been rocking the naps for us!

I can’t wait to share with you what I made for dinner (have to wait until Friday!) but lets put it this way….hubby gave it a 10!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Make sure you check out my post on Butter, Butter & More Butter…..& A Gift!!! I’d love for my readers to take part in this on Sunday with me so I can give one of you a little gift, besides who doesn’t like butter!!

I can’t share what I’m making for dinner or lunch today….I’m getting ahead with my Featured Friday’s and #SundaySuppers and I’m cooking cooking to reveal some awesome new recipes so we shall talk soon!