Three years ago today I was waiting to walk down that isle…..I love looking back. I love thinking of my wedding day. We got married on a vineyard, it was beautiful out, and I had all of my friends and family by my side. Sweet story, my father was the only one who couldn’t be their on my big day, I knew once we lost him over ten years ago that come my wedding day it just wouldn’t feel complete without him. I was wrong. I was so wrong. He was their with me. So imagine this…….

My mother walks me down the isle……..she gives me away to my husband.

We start our amazing vows, they were amazing to me because we wrote them ourselves.

As the JP is talking I hear a buzzing noise and instantly see a huge bee buzz by me, gosh I hate bee’s, deathly afraid of them…..little did I know that this bee made it’s way to each of my bridal parties bouquets!! LOL……

Anyways….All of a sudden, after the bee had passed, I heard a bird singing, gwacking, whatever it was doing, to the point where it pulled my attention from my own vows!! I didn’t realize until after the ceremony that this bird sat pirched on top of the gazebo through the whole ceremony……it was my dad. I have an actual picture of it but not on line so just imagine it sitting up at that point!

So……..I had everyone there. Everyone I loved. I vowed to love my husband, to support him to always be honest with him and all that mushy gushy stuff!! Besides the birth of my daugther, it was by far the best day of my life.

Then we went off to Aruba!! I felt like a honeymooner for at least 3 months!! If not longer.

We enjoyed the summer and fall.

And well into the winter.

Until we got the news, shortyly after we rang in the New Year of 2010, that our family was going to be me, hubby and baby!!!

We couldn’t have been happier.

Everyday we waited patiently for her to come into our lives.

Then on October 27, 2010 our dreams were answered. She was here.

The past three years had it’s ups and downs as we figured out parenthood together. It was challenging and trying at times but my god I can say I’ve now experienced everything.  Becoming parents is the hardest thing that can happen for a couple, but in the end it makes you stronger than you can imagine.

We watched her grow.

And grow some more!!

And today we celebrate three amazing years together. I can’t wait for many many more!!