I’ve cooked up quite a few things but can’t share them with you because they are ….yup you guessed it for my Featured Friday’s! So make sure you join me Friday. My biggest adventure this week is #SundaySupper!! We are all working with Land O’Lakes.  We have to make a dish that is considered an Easy, Healthy Weeknight Dinner and use their new butter, Olive Oil and Sea Salt. So I decided to make a Glazed Chicken w/a Butter & Pecan Rice. So I can’t wait to share that with you too!! But the exciting part is Land O’Lakes will be picking their favorite recipes (not sure how many) and will post them on their website!!! OMG Imagine MY recipe on their website!! AHHHHHH!!!!! So don’t forget to check out the rules to the give away and show me some comment love!! Show LOL (Land O’Lakes) just how much you love this momma!

My surprise for Friday is our Featured Co-Host and how I made TWO of her recipes this week! YES TWO!!!!

So on days like today (and Monday & Friday) when boo is home with me I like to make her special breakfasts….so today I made scrambled eggs and turkey bacon………

Of course I threw scallions in their, hello they are on my list of things I’ve been obsessed with! I made mine into a sandwich and pulled the scallions out for boo! LOL…..

Then as I was cleaning up breakfast, I turned around to see this……yes we are climbing and conquering now!

Well today my hubby and I celebrated our third anniversary. Click Here to see a quick sum up of where we’ve been over the the past three years 🙂 Boo started to get impatient come 4pm so I started getting her ready for our dinner out. (I really don’t know what I was thinking as far as thinking we would have a nice dinner out as a family LOL).

Look at that cute little bracelet my MIL gave her when she was born, she wanted to wear it on her ankle so she did!!

We made it maybe an hour or an hour and a half before we asked the waitress (who luckily has a one year old at home and felt my pain) to pack our dinner up to go. We had a drink and an appetizer at least!! How yummy does that Sangria look!

So at least we got to put Maddie to bed and eat our dinner in peace and watched a movie, which by the way I highly recommend. It’s called Man on a Ledge. It was fantastic. On the edge of your seat, left wondering, wow kind of movie! Go rent it! So I know your all expecting a different answer to this question since it was my anniversary and all, but I like staying up late to get some time to myself and my husband is up at 4am. So guess who my cuddle buddy was last night 🙂

Don’t forget to check back for Featured Friday and #SundaySupper! It’s going to be a good weekend!!