I’ve been dying to make my own wedge salad for ages now, I finally researched it and put together the ingredients I like the best, I made it lighter by using reduced fat blue cheese, turkey bacon and I found a Light Blue Cheese Dressing to top it all off. LOVE IT!! My new favorite salad!! Guilt-Free!!!

Serves: 2

What you need:

1/2 a large head of iceberg lettace
3 tbsp. of reduced fat blue cheese chunks
Few slices of red onion
3 Chopped Scallions
Handful of baby tomatoes, halved
6 pcs. of Turkey Bacon

What to do:

Slice the iceberg lettace half into 4 chunks (my pictures show 3 but I only ate two and it was plenty!

Meanwhile cook the turkey bacon according to packaged directions in the microwave. Let it cool and chop into bite size peices. Chop Scallions, red onion and baby tomatoes.

Sprikle everything over the top (including the blue cheese)

You can use whatever dressing you’d like, I’m not sure of the calorie and fat content of the one I made up but it’s surly less than what they make in the stores because most of them use mayo and buttermilk and instead I used sour cream. Pour with your dressing.

And wala!!! Magical!!