Oh summer days have begun here for this Momma!! It’s taking a lot for me to relax these days (not sure why) but being in the kitchen relaxes me so going up to our summer camp every weekend is stressing me out, but I’m learning how to grill. I’m taking part in new events in the blogging world so I make a lot during the week. #SundaySupper was a huge success this week! We generated over 1500 tweets, can you believe that! And…… we have reached over 525,000 followers within the last 24 hours! That is craziness! I so enjoyed using the new butter from LAND O LAKES®!!  It’s an awesome combination of Olive Oil and Sea Salt, it made my Glazed Chicken w/Butter & Pecan Rice TO DIE FOR….This will surly be made again!! Don’t forget to go check it out because their are over 30 more awesome recipes to check out!! Great theme of Simple & Fresh Summer Recipes!! And don’t forget to enter for my very first giveaway!! Who wouldn’t want free butter!!!

Ok sooooo once I got to our camp and got settled, I finally unwinded (a little :)) We grilled some awesome Chicken Sausage that I spread with Italian dressing because the Chicken Sausage was a Spicy Italian flavor so that went well, I skewed them up with some peppers.

Served it with a nice salad! Perfect grilling night for me, my Madison, my hubby and my sis!

Then we hit the beach one day………

Maddie is going to just love the beach this summer, she loved digging, playing in the water, even exploring in the water. I could sit their all day watching her.

You know what, I think I will.

We enjoyed mornings with Nana. She is a devil! Climbing all over the picnic tables (thank god this momma is quick because out of all the times she went to fall, like 10 I only missed once!! LOL)

And nothing makes me more happier than sharing my daughter with her GG. To see my grandmother’s face light up everytime she sees her warms my heart in a way that I can’t even describe. Even more so since I lost my other grandmother last year, 6 mths after Maddie was born.

And of course you have to have afternoon Cocktails!! Hello it is summer!

I broke a way for a little quiet lunch to myself, since I’m addicted to real “grilled” sandwiches, while my babies were napping (yes my babies plural, as in my husband too) I just took a piece of left over BBQ Chicken, reheated it on the grill and cooked it as a sandwich with a little honey mustard and a piece of cheese!

This is my working space up at our camp…..I just love being outside when it’s nice out, I could work like this all day!

Then Sunday I decided to grill up some steak for us, it was marinated in Steak House marinade. I served it with grilled Summer Squash and Zucchini.

All I do is mix it with a little Oil, salt and pepper. It’s by far my favorite summer side dish!

I also made a Jambalaya rice. First time making that! Thanks for the tip of using tinfoil mom! I have limited pots and pans up their (another reason why I miss my kitchen dearly) and I had forgotten a cover for the pot I had and the rice called for a simmering finish. Mom suggested tinfoil and it worked awesome, had no clue that Jumbalaya had that much of a kick to it! Good stuff though!

We broke out the pool and had a little fun in that.

Played a few games…..

Gardened…..aka pull daddy’s spot lights out and replace them where she wants.

We snacked on cupcakes with TT & Momma……

Well more like Maddie snacked on cupcakes and we just watched LOL!!

Snacked on a freeze pop…Maddie’s new favorite!

It was a great weekend with friends and family. We lost my dad eleven years ago yesterday and I was so thankful that I was able to spend the day with my family who keeps me laughing and smiling. We toasted dad at the fire the night before and again Sunday afternoon with my sis and mom. Gosh their isn’t a day that goes by that he is not missed. By everyone.

What’s to come this week……..well lots! Of course we have Featured Friday, a new Co-Host to introduce and share another awesome recipe with. I haven’t forgotten about Tuesday’s Tasteful Treasures….I’ve just been so busy taking part in other things that it’s become lower on my list. HOWEVER, I have two new recipes I want to try this coming week, a dessert and a breakfast dish! One is from the Miss Paula Dean, I know not the healthiest recipe, but she rocks and she made them sound so good!! So stay tuned!! I’m also working on Father’s Day food and projects!! Here is what I came home to this long weekend……..My Anniversary rose….still in full bloom!