I’ve been experimenting a lot lately, now that I know flavors better and know what to substitute what for and get the same taste, I’m slowly venturing out their more in creating things for me and my family. I was in the mood for Tuna Salad yesterday and I’m very picky about it because I hate mayo so it has to be dry, and I hate it chunky so their is only like 2 restaurats/cafe’s in my area that I’ll actually order it from. Well now I can make my own because I created a to die for Healthier Tuna salad sandwich!!


3-4 Dill pickles
1 Can of solid white tuna (small)
2 Tbsp. of light cream cheese

What to do:

Well I’m addicted to my small food processor that was collecting dust in my closet these days so now that I have that I’m blending everything!! You can do this by hand however as I mentioned, I hate my tuna chunky!

Chop up the pickles and add them to your food processor. Add the cream cheese into the processor, breaking it up as much as you can to spread around. Add the tuna on top (drained)


Process for a few seconds, scrape down the sides, process again, keep doing this until it’s at the consistency you want, the first time I processed it, their were still chunks of pickles so I kept going.

Looks good to me. Few little chunks of pickles never hurt anyone. One day I had it on some toasted light bread with tomatoes! YUM!


The next day I had it over a salad!! Can’t go wrong, lunch two days in a row.

The cream cheese just really gives it a tang, even if I did like mayo I think I’d choose to do the cream cheese instead, it still has to be less fat than mayo! The dill pickle, well why not!!