Happy Friday  oops it’s Thursday, my favorite friends!!! I for one am really looking forward to this weekend, so much so that I thought it was already Friday! I have a great Father’s Day planned for my hubby. Father’s Day was always a great day in my family. We were always up at our camp because, well it’s June! I loved spoiling my father because he was always so good to us. My dad would start his day fishing, because that’s what he liked. Then we would cook a big breakfast on the outside grill that he had built when we were little. Then we’d give him a gift, and yes every year we got him the same gift LOL…a bathing suit with a “ball bag” HAHAHA Just thinking about that makes me chuckle to myself. It’s just a bathing suit with the built in underware LOL…he always wanted one because it’s what he lived in all summer 🙂 After we lost my dad Father’s Day was just a day I spent in bed a lot of the time. I just couldn’t wait to marry and have children so I had a reason to celebrate Father’s Day again. Now I can. This is our third Father’s Day together, the first one, Maddie was growing at the fast rate of 6 months! Then last year she was 8 mths old. This year she is a year and a half. I now have a reason to love Father’s Day again, I have someone to celebrate again, and so does my mother and sister. Thought the pain is still their, I no longer spend the day in bed, I know spend the day letting my husband know what an incredible father he has become.

Here is me and my dad on the beach at my camp. I was a cutie huh!

This is a framed picture hanging in my hallway with a sign above it reading “I Hope You Dance.” It’s the song that makes me think of my father. I heard it a few years after he died and everytime I heard it I balled my eyes out. It’s as if he is singing it to me. Saying, I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. When I have bad days I here him singing “Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. And all the lessons I’ve learnt over time he’s sang, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. So when I walked into a specialty store one day and saw this plaque I had to buy it.

And yes I danced with my uncle, my godfather, my mom’s brother, to this very song at my wedding. He was the best “Stand in Dad” a girl could have asked for. Happy Father’s Day Uncle Matt. I love you.

So in honor of Father’s Day I am planning a few special things for my hunny. I did get a chance to make him the Father’s Day coasters I wanted to make. I found this idea at Oopsy Daisy’s website. Which I found off of pinterest, wicked cute idea. I searched high and low for the resin she recommended, I went to Lowe’s and a hardware store with no luck so I ended up at Hobby Lobby with this other stuff. Here is how it went:

My supplies were:

My Pictures (Rite Aid)
Paint Brushes (Lowe’s)
Decoupage (Hobby Lobby)
Tiles (Lowe’s .46 each!)
Felt Circles (Any hardware store)
Paper cutter

I cut my pictures first using my scrapbooking cutter because I wanted them to be straight, I measured them to the tile, leaving a tiny bit around the edges so the liquid would allow the picture to stick. Using my paint brush I brushed the decoupage liquid over the coaster (That was placed on a paper plate) then I positioned the picture on the tile and I brushed more liquid on top.

Bubbles did start forming at that point which I knew could happen so I just kept brushing, when they dried it did get better. I did 3 coats on each tile, next time I’ll only do two because mine ended up with bubbles but after the second layer dried there wasn’t any.

I let them dry outside a good six hours and then over night inside.

I stacked them and tied them into a pretty little package for my hunny to open up Sunday morning 🙂

Don’t they look purty!!

So of course I have more up my sleeve. (Don’t worry I requested my hubby to not read my blog until the weekend is over so I don’t give away anything). I’m planning brunch Saturday morning, my mom, sister, grandmother and MIL are coming to spend the afternoon with us. Andy doesn’t know. I planned it Saturday instead of Sunday because Sunday we have ticket’s to the Rib Fest a few towns over. My MIL won four tickets this week and gave them to us because their is a lot things for kiddo’s! We invited our friends who have a daughter Maddie’s age. It should be fun!!

I know I know you want to hear what is on the menu for brunch! Well I want to tell you!!

A Baked Apple Cinnamon French Toast Dish 

BLT Pasta Salad – You’ll have to wait for this recipe!

Broccoli, Mushroom & Cheese Strata – Yup you’ll have to wait for this one too!

Honey Glazed Ham – In the Crock Pot folks! My hunny’s favorite how can I not make it for him!

My mom is making a Taco Casserole – Stay tuned for that one!

My MIL is bring the champagne and OJ – My hubby’s fav!

And we are also going to attempt something we used to make with my grandfather years and years ago up at my camp. I can’t wait for my daughter to try them, it was a tradition and my grandfather always made it fun, they are called “Sinkers” I know your curious!! So come back after the weekend is over to see what they are all about, and of course to see my spread because of course I’ll be taking pictures through this special day!!