So remember the new group I started taking part in called #SundaySupper. Ran by the most fabulous person who blogs about food and family, Isabel. Wellllllllll…….she got us bloggers the opportunity to work with Katie Workman Author of the newly published The Mom 100 Cookbook. She loves the Sunday Supper Movement and has been following us!!!! AHHHH! I am more than honored that she approached our group to be part of her “Book Tour.” She is looking… for 5 to 10 bloggers that will receive her cookbook and then we will feature her book and recipes during 3 #SundaySupper events. And yes this lucky Momma was chosen to be a part of this exciting opportunity. I can’t wait to recieve my book, nothing like turning the pages to a brand new cook book as I start to imagine the wonderful dishes I can put together for me and my family!!!!! Click Here to read a little bit more about the Mom behind this cookbook!!

So the dates & themes that we will be featuring this new book and a way for you to view the recipes that all of these awesome food bloggers will be making are as follows:
6/24- “Getting together with friends/Portable Dishes”
7/22- “Vegetarian Dishes”
8/12- “Back to School/Dishes in 30 minutes or less”
So mark your calendars guys, we will also be tweeting with the auther the evening of each of these dates! How fun does that sound!!
I am super excited to be a part of this event and I can NOT WAIT to share the experience with you all of my faithfuls and newbies!