Celebrating my husband this weekend went exactly as planned. Spoil, spoil and more spoiling. He deserves it. When he thanked me for making him feel so special and loved all weekend, I said that’s all I want for you to feel everyday. It’s true, isn’t that what you should want for your significant other, life gets busy, kids are born into the family, life get’s busier, kids get bigger, life just happens right before our very eyes. I often have to tell myself to stop and smell the roses. All my life I’ve told myself that people come into you life for a reason, some stay in it for that very reason and others leave it for a reason you may never know. I recently lost touch with two friends of mine that I’ve been known and loved for the past 8 or 9 years. Not on purpose, I like to call it life. My feelings have been hurt beyond belief at the absence that they’ve had in my life the past year or so. I did nothing but offer a loving friendship, caring shoulder and a hand to hold to both of them. Now that they have significant others of their own I am no longer aloud to be friends them I guess. It’s childish and it makes me so angry but again, I often say, it’s life. We all are disappointed by loved ones throughout life. I’ve always said that relationships are a two way street, that whether it’s a girl friend, a husband, a wife, a sister, all relationships take work from both parties. Well I’ve said good-bye to a lot of people in my life because it gets old to being the one doing all the work. These friends I speak about, they’ve met my daugther once, they have no idea what kind of mother I am, they have no idea the kind of post partum I suffered from, how my whole world changed in the past year, how it ended up being for the good. How becoming a mother has made me a stronger person, a smarter person. A person that has decided that I don’t need either of them in my lfie. My reason for them coming into my life, I believe was to get me through a hard time, to get me to laugh again through the pain I felt from loosing so much in my life. For making me see that I could love again. I now say good-bye to them through all of you because it’s my only way. I deserve better. I have better.

OK…..rant is over and the point of my story is to say to everyone, stop. STOP. STOP. STOP. Breath, take a look around you and celebrate who and what you have in your life. That’s exactly what I did this weekend.

Saturday morning I sent my husband off to Home Depot so I could set up his surprise brunch and wait for his mom, our best friend, my mother, my sister and my grandmother to arrive.

I bought a few bottles of wine from the vineyard we got married at up the street.

My MIL brought my husbands favorite, Momosa’s!! So I bought a cute little jug with a spout, I figured this was perfect because we’d use it all summer because I can’t wait to experiment more with Sangria’s!!

I tried to make the theme colorful and summer like and then we all ended up in sweatshirts and pants because the sun went in for the day LOL!

I love my camp wine glasses!!

Here were my hubby’s gifts from us. The card with the flower on it with Maddie’s pic in the middle is what boo made daddy at daycare 🙂 too cute. The next card was from Momma to dadda, the next one is from boo boo to dada, then from Andy’s Mom with some scratch tickets (we won a $1 LOL) then in the frame in the middle I found at Hobby Lobby and then the pictures around it are the coasters that I made with pictures of my husband and my daugther, I knew he would love that.

I served a few dishes and I had a blast making them, thanks to my sister and my mom I was able to do it in peace too because they took MM for me! I made a Broccoli, Mushroom & Cheese Strata, to me it’s just a quiche I guess but it has bread in it I guess?? I don’t know but it was awesome. Check out the recipe for more detailed pictures!

Then I also made a Baked Apple-Cinnamon French Toast, this recipe has been on my site for ages and I’ve been meaning to make it but never got around to it, this was a perfect occasion for it. Don’t forget to check out the recipe for more detailed photos.

I made my hubby’s favorite! Honey Glazed Ham 🙂 Check out the recipe for more details!

Last but not least I made a Bacon Pasta Salad. I wanted it to be a cold dish, I got the recipe from The Food Network Channel but I ended up changing a lot because of the nutritional value and theirs was a hot dish and I wanted a cold dish. The original name for this dish was a BLT Pasta Salad…..I guess I had to rename it since I didn’t have lettuce in it! This picture is the last one I took because we dove into it and I never got to take a picture of it with the dressing on it! It was a hit and I sent everyone home with a doggie bag!



My mom made “sinkers” these are famously known in my family by my grandfather. Here is the story: When my mom and her brothers and sisters were kids my grandfather would make them for all of them, then when us grand kids came around he of course made them for us too, they are really biscuits. Little pieces of fried dough really, but they got the nickname from my grandfather because us kids would eat tons of them and that “full feeling” would take awhile to set in so my grandfather would say by the time those kids go swimming they are going to SINK!!!! Hence “Sinkers” LOL….when my mom made these (it’s been awhile) the smell brought me back to when I was a kid eating these with my cousins around the picnic table. I’d step away from the friolater and when I stepped back I’d get another flash back of my childhood. I’ve never had a smell of a food effect me so much before, it was such an awesome feeling. It’s really just bread dough fried in fat LOL dipped in butter and syrup……we all gained 20 lbs this weekend! So worth it!

Soooooooooooooooo good!!

It was a great day, my hubby had no idea and when he came back from Home Depot he ended up getting me a gift!! It was Father’s Day! He said he knew I’ve been wanting this for awhile so he had to buy it for me 🙂

And then came home with this for MM. 🙂 We are spoiled! Her very own picnic table!!

My bestie came! 🙂

And boo boo made it an hour before she cranked herself right into a nap!!

We also went to the vineyard up the street where we got married and took some more photo’s of boo. It’s a lot harder with her running around I’ll tell you!

We got some good ones though!

She ran around like crazy!

And LOVED the fishy pond!

And Momma stole a moment.

So that was our weekend………Father’s Day, Full of Food, Fun and Family, now that’s the three F’s!! 🙂