I was on the search today for a Alfredo Turkey Meatball, sounds a bit odd, but someone suggested it to me awhile back through another site and I thought hmmm….well I’m not the only  nut job because when I did a search for a recipe I found Ashley over at Food N’ Fitness Diaries! So I adapted this puppy up, I changed a few things but not much, it’s a healthy meatball but so tasty!! I’m so glad I did because I love her site! I never thought about serving it over mashed potatoes (even weirder huh) but I started thinking about what I was going to serve with it as I was making them. Then I remembered I had a head of cauliflower I had to use tonight so I came up with Smashed Cauliflower which is almost identical to my Mashed Cauliflower recipe but a bit different and a bit tastier! Check out the actual recipe for the details but here is your sneak peak!!

If my daughter loved it, you have to love it, that’s all I’m saying. No seriously she doesn’t like anything. She’s my worse critic, I can’t wait to have someone else in my family besides my husband (and occasionally my sister and mom) tell me how good a dish is………..she’s hard man!

So today was a daycare day…..want to know what I did today?? Ok well between the laundry, cooking my Featured Friday dish (which by the way you don’t want to miss this one, I’ll give you a hint, it’s a breakfast dish!) vacuuming and cooking dinner. Yup you guessed it!

I have to pick the recipes for my upcoming event for #SundaySupper, it’s so hard to pick one!! The first theme is portable dishes. AHHHH. This momma inspires me. She makes me see that maybe my dream of publishing a book someday may just come true!! 🙂

Tomorrow boo and I are hitting the track……

today I started working out again, I hate announcing it because I keep failing but I keep thinking that maybe it’ll push me more to tell the world! Yes you! So I did 2 miles at the track down the street, along with some lunges, yes I’m that freak that does lunges around the track and uses hand weights so I work my arms while I walk or run. I ran a little today, not bad!! We are going tomorrow because their is a park right next door so we usually pack a lunch and eat lunch afterwards, then after her nap I hope the sun comes out long enough for us to hit the pool!! YAY!!

So we need a leftover night because the fridge is stacked again!! LOL but rest assure I have an awesome recipe to share with you tomorrow that may be breakfast or dessert……… 🙂 Stay tuned!