So what did Miss Maddie and I do today……..well we attempted to go to the pool first thing this morning as soon as it opened at 10AM but for some reason they weren’t open yet. So we waited………..but then decided a nap was way better!!

I couldn’t believe the nap she had, 2 hours is a lot for this kiddo, must be catching up. Just makes me think what I’m ever going to do when there is NO NAPS LOL!! Then we had some lunch. I, still obsessed with my mini food processor decided to make tuna fish again. I would have made the one I had last week, because that was sooooo good however it was a different kind of tuna that I had on hand so I went with something different. 1 can of tuna, 6 hamburger pickles, 2 tablespoons of reduced fat cream cheese.

I blended the tuna, pickles and cream cheese together.

I used a slice of red onion and a few more pickles and added them to two pieces of toasted bread, then added the tuna mixture on top.

Couple of sliced pickles on a toothpick and wala………..healthy filling lunch!

I should rename my blog to MuMa…..just because it sounds super cute when Maddie says it. I remember last summer I was super duper happy that every time I took Maddie into the water she clung to me! Was she scared, yes, did I like seeing my child scared, hell no, but I did love the feeling of her arms wrapped around me. This is because my daughter is NOT an affectionate kid, she will take my hand off of her back if it’s bothering her, she loves to be picked up, but don’t get to close. So yes last summer I loved taking her in the water because I loved that feeling of her holding on to me.

Well………….this summer. Not much has changed. She’s been to the beach at our camp, loves sitting in the mud and playing by the shore, which is fantastic for MuMa. However, I took her to our the pool at our complex today. Mmmmm yeah not so much. My husband has taken her a few times after dinner to give me a break or to allow me some time in my kitchen, he never mentioned that she didn’t like it, I always asked how it was and he said great, fun! So you can imagine my surprise when I took her over their today and she screamed bloody blue when I put her in the water, or on the first step into the damn pool LOL!! At one point I was actually embaressed. I took her out, we took a break, and we tried again. Again, same thing. I’m all set, Andy can take her at night LOL!!! She may have looked cute but don’t be fooled.

Then we had breakfast for dinner, to finish up the casseroles that I served on Father’s Day. I also made my very first ManHole. LOL if you don’t know what that is, once I master it, I’ll be sharing it with you. I’ve see Ree from the Pioneer Woman make them and the author of the new cookbook I just won makes them too, well I attempted one this morning, I set off the fire alarm 😦 Whoopsy! I’m not used to cooking with butter, I’m a cooking spray girl!! So I attempted them again with our breakfast for dinner tonight and they came out better. I still have work to do to perfect them though!

Ok so it’s time to write out exactly what this momma is up to. I have a lot of commitments and I want to share them with you so you can get excited with me!

As some of you already know I’m taking part in #SundaySupper. Isabel at Foodie Family has been an awesome inspiration along with Nicole over at Daily Dish Recipes. Though all of the woman I’ve been gathered around the family table with these past few Sunday’s, these two have made me feel so welcomed and have helped me with….well computer language, techy stuff, all the things i’m just not good at. Thank You ladies!! You have all inspired me, and made me see that food blogging is a passion and it can get us anywhere!! Well…… are the dates that this momma is going to be presenting some special dishes!

6/24- That’s this Sunday!!! The theme is Getting together with friends & family/Portable Dishes. I already have my dish picked out but I’m saving the reveal until this weekend!!

6/30 – Foodie Penpal Reveal!! Remember I took part in a Penpal group that sends $15 worth of our favorite goodies around where we live to whoever we are paired with. Well I got a lovely gal in Chicago and my package will be coming from North Carolina! I can’t wait to see what goodies I receive and if Diana likes what I sent!

7/7 – I’m taking part in the Crazy Cooking Challenge!!! Crazy Crazy!! This is brought to us from Tina over at Mom’s Crazy Cooking. Each month their is a theme and us bloggers have to go and find a recipe from someone elses’s site that belongs to that theme. This month it’s Fried Chicken!!!! Oh boy! Can’t wait to show you what I’m cooking up!

7/16 – I’m taking part in a restaurant challenge!!!! Yes!!! It’s a new group called “Restaurants Unchained.” It’s a group of women getting together to make our favorite dishes from our favorite restaurants, but “Healthifying” it. I really wanted to take part in this because we all love to dine out but I swear that’s how I gained 30 lbs of my extra weight! I will be making an all time favorite from one of my favorite recipes!! Olive Garden!!

7/22 – Vegetarian Dishes – I already have this dish picked out too (I even have to go and buy a special pan because we don’t have one) this is going to be one you don’t want to miss!!

8/12 – Back to School/Dishes in 30 Min or less – OK I don’t have this one picked out yet, but this cook book is amazing so I’m taking my time and I’ve already made something in it!! Today!!

8/19-  Wine Tasting #SundaySupper – Their will be more details on this one but HELLO Wine Tasting!! I’m in!!

Plus…..every Friday we will still be having a Featured Co-Host, it’s going great, I’m meeting some fabulous ladies, making some great dishes and loving every second of this!! Stay tuned for that nice sweet recipe I promised you, I must put the finishing touches on before I share it!! In case your wondering, it’s a recipe for your VERY OWN Hostess Cupcake!!!!

Wow ok. Now that I’ve written this all out, I’m busy!!!!!!!!!!! But I love it!!!