Back from another awesome weekend at our camp. I. am. exhausted. Any other mothers out their no matter how exhausted they are still stay up late because it’s the only time they get to themselves? Time to do the things we can never accomplish on our own because we are busy either working or taking care of our little ones? That’s me everyday of my life. So now we are home after a weekend of crazy non-stop….well nothing LOL. We don’t do much up their, but being out in the fresh air and running after a child non-stop can beat someone up.

So Thursday night I served Pulled Pork from a new book I won. If you were too busy this weekend, check it out. Not only was my recipe yummy but I got to chat with the author and the rest of my followers last night. The Mom 100 Cookbook is a sure read so make sure you enter to win!! Giveaway ends Wednesday and the winner will be announced Thursday afternoon!

All you have to do is:

Like “Momma’s Meals” on Facebook, and respond to my #SS Post with what your favorite portable dish is to bring to a party. Simple as can be! Enter now!

Katie answered a bunch of questions, and we all chatted for an hour! Join us next month on July 22nd, our theme is going to be Vegetarian Dishes. Katie will be joining us again!! In the mean time next #SundaySupper’s theme is of course, Forth of July items! We are all bringing our favorite 4th of July foods to this #SundaySupper so stay tuned!

My mom, grandmother and sister loved this dish. The Coleslaw made it nice and tangy and crunchy too!! Now stop drooling and go make it already!!

Daddy has hockey on Thursday nights so Maddie and I enjoy our night with the fam. We raided the neighbors camp site (don’t worry they weren’t their) and let Maddie play with some of their toys LOL!

“Momma I want one of these!!”

Now the only people that may get this picture is anyone who knew my father. That koozie that Maddie has her sippy cup in was my dad’s. My hubby usually uses it for his beer, but I thought maybe Maddie could use it that night 🙂 So bittersweet.

Saturday night I made us a nice new Kielbasa Dish I kind of made my own! I called it A Summer Kielbasa Dish. It was super easy, super quick, and super YUMMO….good for a night that was humid because I made it right on the stove top with my A/C running 🙂

If you love Kielbasa you will love this dish, feel free to add the veggies your family loves. I also used Turkey Kielbasa.

We went to the beach……..but of course Maddie loved getting onto my laptop as I got ready!

And last but not least….what is your favorite way of serving fruit? Well this was fun, sticky and yummy! Next time I’ll make a nice cool whipped dip to go with it.

I made it with Watermelon.

Some Cantelope

And some melon.

The watermelon was by far the easiest to make LOL….it just cut out well with the melon baller I used. The joke of the weekend was………Tammi’s Balls. 🙂 Yeah my family are goof balls. I love them.

Stay tuned, good things coming this week, a new Steak & Cheese Sandwich, Pork Chops with Chipolte Sauce and Mashed Potatoes!! And the big reveal of my very first Foodie Pen Pal exchange!!

And this is how we ended our long weekend this morning before the rain came in 🙂 Happy Monday all!!