While I was exhausting myself last week trying to teach my daughter that climbing up on the kitchen table is just not fun, I started thinking about just how much trouble this girly can get into…..then I starting brainstorming of the perfect post just to share with you what my little trouble maker does! Hmmmm where shall we begin?? Don’t worry fellow momma’s I know all children do this, I just thought I’d share some fun good ones with you!

Let’s start with 12 mths…my baby turns one, she’s not quite a baby anymore but entering the toddler stage (omg my baby is gone…) Sorry for the poor quality of the picture but I had to act fast and grab my phone. Yes that’s a condom.

Yes those are fake rose petals that once used to woo me before Miss Maddie came along.

Then 13 mths creeps up on us. “Did I do that…??”

And Christmas is right around the corner.

Then we hit the 15 mth point! This is where the obsession with the fridge came in! God I can’t believe my kid just picked the mayo of all things in the fridge!!! UGH…..Wait I can’t even believe I have mayo in the fridge!!!

Then at 18mths she became interested in our cups……what we were drinking out of.

Then at 19 mths she conquered the chair……..she was very proud, hey the kid has to learn to climb, who am I stop her……..

Until at 20ths when this happened………..HA!!

Then today we played with momma’s underwear! It’s embarressing but I was literally in tears cracking up when she came around the corner with another pair on at least 8 times! And insisted on trying to put it on me!

But then at the end of the day………………..this right here makes it allllllllll worth while!

So Momma and Dadda had a date night this weekend……I think it’s pretty sad that a Toddlers & Tantrums Workshop was our date night but we got to have some appetizers and a few drinks before hand so it was nice.  Here is this momma getting ready to head out childless, which means I get to straighten my hair, put make up on and enjoy a big ol’ glass of wine while doing so! (I didn’t even plan having that picture in the back round but once I saw it I thought how super sweet it was)

It was nice to be able to listen to others talk about their toddlers, you realize that your not alone, that your child is completely normal and is doing all the things that they are supposed to be doing. We made Calming Jars. Its a jar of water with glue, water and glitter in it. When your toddler starts freaking out (which mine often does) for whatever reason it may be (mine is probably because she’s not getting what she wants or is frustrated because we don’t “get it” LOL….