Take 1. Meaning a few days of this wonderful week of vacation we have upon us. My husband isn’t off the whole week but my family is, I have aunts, uncles, cousins, my mom, sister, and grandmother here for the week off and on. What does that mean for this momma? Fun. Food. Family time. LOTS OF BABYSITTERS!!!!! 🙂 Always a method behind this momma!

After a nice date night with my hunny and a nice morning to sleep in (can’t remember the last time we slept in…..together!) I made us an “Everything Breakfast.” This comes from a foodie friend of mine named Serena over at Serena Bakes From Scratch. She co-hosted with me on 6/21 and I made this breakfast. Unfortunetly, I made it on a Thursday morning so my hubby didn’t get to try it, I figured since I had some odds and ends to finish up before heading out for vacation I’d make this again for him. HE LOVED IT.

After hanging out with the fam for a bit we started making our Red, White and Blue Grilled Pizza’s for #SundaySupper! Don’t forget to stop over and check out the other yummy recipes. But for now here is this Momma’s. We were quite happy with how they came out.

You have to check out the recipes because they were really really yummy. You can really do whatever toppings you’d like, I wanted to add cauliflower on the white one but forgot to buy it LOL….

It’s a great way to get a little a few different flavors, especially if you have different people in your family that like different flavors.

I love pizza regardless, any which way, any shape, any size, but by far my favorite is the white pizza (I usually add tomatoes but I didn’t here because I wanted the true white effect). My husband on the other hand likes meat, meat and more meat, so the red works for him.

I did try all three that night though.

And of course we got Boo’s approval!

The next day my mom and aunt got busy being festive. They made a fruit American Flag Appetizer.

It was a super cute idea.

Don’t make these until your ready to serve, the banana’s get brown really fast. Cute huh!

Of course what is a holiday/party/family gathering without jello shots! Uhm yeah……let me tell you just how to make them and how yummy they were and you will HAVE to make them. Here is what the finished product looked like.

It’s a little different from regular jello shots but pretty simple.

She made the blue part of the shot first by using Blue raspberry Jello. Just make the package as directed on the box, instead of all the boiling water use half water and have vodka. We used the Whipped Vodka (OUT OF THIS WORLD!)

She let them refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. Then she scooped cool whip on top of the blue, evening it out as much as she could.

Then she popped it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Then she made the red with Strawberry (cherry will work, anything red) according to the packaged directions and let it cool. (this step is important because when you pour it on the whipped cream you can’t melt it. We had a few floaters, meaning some of the cool whip floated to the top when she poured the red jello on top. Once the red is in the cup, freeze again immediately for another 30 minutes. After that they can be refrigerated until serving time!! FUN. FUN. FESTIVE.

Let. The. Festivities. Begin.

So I’m pretty proud to say that my cousin passed her nursing exam and is officially a nurse. She’s my baby cousin, well not really, but to me she is, and I’m so damn proud of her. So my aunt got her some balloons and a cake to celebrate. Gosh I’m getting old.

We had a day at the beach. Boo is getting more used to the water.

I had to take a pic of this because look at her bottom, she came out of the water with a lake in her diaper…it was too cute, the swim diapers went on at that point!

She loved her new tube. Thank you Daddy!!

Then Daddy went back to work on Monday and boo and I layed low. I got to go and have dinner out with my family that night. It was nice to get out babyless. We went to a place down the street called The Lobster Q, I highly recommend it if your in the Hamspstead, NH area! They have a little bit of everything.

The pulled pork was awesome!

This is what Daddy and Maddie did while we were eating.

And now………bring on the actual holiday! Stay tuned for a Crockpot Tuscan Chicken I’ll be making tonight, I’ll be letting that cook while I actually sit on the beach with a book because boo went to daycare today (hey we have to pay for it, why not.) But Daddy is off for the next two days so I’ll be making Fried Chicken tomorrow for the Fourth and we have a Bike Parade that we must get Maddie into since I was in them every year as a kiddo! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you and yours are enjoying your holiday!