Well I’m feeling lazy because I see people posting all these awesome new recipes with mouth watering pictures so I figured since my stats have been so high lately (good time to take a breather) that I’d get together my Top 25 recipes of 2012 so far!! I’m so happy with the results!!! Makes me see how far I’ve come. Yay Momma!! Ok so without further delay……………..Here we go!

Coming in very last, last but not least, certainly not last………..

25. Chicken Empanadas –Β I’m still trying to perfect this recipe because I like the idea of making individual little ones. However this one was worth sharing because it was SOOOOO good. So we made it in the shape of a half a pizza. Like a Calzone. I’m glad this one barley made it because it’s worth checking into.

24. Skinny Lasagna Alfredo – Another really good one to share. Who doesn’t love Lasagna and Alfredo together! So I added a little veggie to it and I made it a whole meal! And didn’t feel guilty about it what so ever. Give it a shot!

23. Momma’s Ranch Meatloaf I’m glad this one came in the running because this recipe is how I got my husband to start eating Meatloaf, and well……..I’m very proud of that LOL!! Check out the secret Ingredients!

22. No Bake Pie Well YOU HAVE to check out this recipe because their is a funny story behind to why I never got to try any. My husband did so he can vouch for how good it was but me…….well you’ll have to go check it out.

21. Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie Who said you couldn’t have Chicken Pot Pie in a Crock Pot??? NO ONE!! So give it a shot, the taste is amazing and you can serve it over Mashed Potatoes, with or without crust, or with a biscuit! Lots of choices here!

20. Broccoli, Mushroom Strata This one was a winner in my family for Father’s Day Brunch. It is the perfect casserole to make a head of time and bring for your next brunch or simply make at home for you and your family.

19. No Mayo Potato Salad I haven’t made this one yet, but I’ll have to soon, this is right up anyone’s alley that doesn’t like Mayo……like me!!!

18. Momma’s Vegetable Risotto I just made this one last week, It’s a great way to add some flavor in your plain risotto!

17. Momma’s Crock Pot Pork Fried Rice This was awesome!!!! Highly recommend trying this when your in the mood for chinese or even a nice side dish. Ok now I want to make it again! Now.

16. BLT Pasta Salad – Β Another hit for the Father’s Day Brunch I had last month. I ate it for lunch 3 days in a row! Another great recipe for anyone that doesn’t like Mayo!!

15. Heart Rice Crispy Treats I haven’t made these before but I should because I think my daughter would love them!

14. Momma’s Meat Pie Ohhhhhhhh you don’t want to miss this one. I made this for #SundaySupper one week, it was YUMMY!!

13. Β Momma’s Steak & Cheese Panini You have to check out the secret ingredient in this to find out what gives it a special kick that my husband and I both LOVED, this one will surly be made again! Soon! Now!

12. Spinach Cups A VERY popular appetizer. I made these for Super Bowl Sunday this year and they were a big hit, I even made my own Spinach filling!! So easy and so worth it!

11. Momma’s Cole Slaw I made this to go with a #SundaySupper dish of Pulled Pork a few weeks back. So worth that extra mile for the extra crunch on that sandwich! Another No Mayo dish for this momma!

10. Ham & Swiss Sandwich Sticks This is a Pillsbury special right here, super easy, great for kiddo’s……..MUST TRY.

9. Spaghetti Squash Casserole Oh It’s been awhile since I’ve made this one, but this is a great healthy side dish or even make it a dish by making it pasta!!!!! Check it out to see how to make this your main meal.

8. Summer Kielbasa Dish Who doesn’t love a simple Kielbasa dish? This is a great way to make one dish all together for a hot summer night! Feel free to add whatever veggies you may like!

7. Hostess Cupcakes These were so fun to make and when I had so many left over, which believe I’d love to eat, but didn’t want to eat that many, I brought them to my daughter’s daycare and the kiddo’s and teachers all loved them!

6. Fiesta Chicken I actually made this last night! It’s a great simple “Go To” meal. I needed something quick and easy and nothing gets easier than opening a few cans and tossing them in the crock pot. Use the leftovers for a sandwich, a Fiesta Chicken Casserole (Stay tuned that one is coming this week).

5. Chicken Stir Fry Another dish that should be able to be made in the crock pot!! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

4. Glazed Chicken w/Butter & Pecan Rice Another #SundaySupper dish! Yay!! This one was made with the new Land O Lakes Olive Oil & Sea Salt butter that just came out last month.

3. Garlic, Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders – I’m so glad this one made it!! And #3 to boot! This is a great easy, tasty meal that any kiddo would love, I think I’ll try it with a ranch base this month! Stay Tuned!

2. Red, White & Blue Grilled Pizza Well this one should be in the top 5! Though it’s probably because it’s the Fourth of July but it deserves it! What a fun and creative way to make pizza’s with your kiddo’s!


1. Pulled Pork for #SundaySupper!!! Yay!! This one was a classic and it’s great to bring to any BBQ!! It is a recipe from The cookbook I won last month The 100 Mom Cookbook!!